America needs more corporate work


The Tax Foundation reports that 60% of households did not pay income tax in 2020, compared to 44% in 2019. 2020 was a rare year, but the ongoing trend is that child tax credits have increased from $ 500 in 1997 to $ 3,600 now. Income tax deduction expansion.

The United States has a very progressive tax system. The top 10% with adjusted total income of $ 155 million or more accounted for 71% of the tax burden in 2019. The bottom 50% with AGI less than $ 44 million paid 3%.

Now is the time to bring your corporate work back to America. Over the last three decades, China has experienced a $ 5.7 trillion trade plunge. Since the United States relies heavily on goods from China, it may be necessary to reduce trade with China by 20% each year until parity occurs.

Corporate America needs to train workers for high-paying jobs. These individuals will pay income tax and will be less dependent on subsidies. China has set up free trade areas with other countries that require their original use. They are planning to work with Russia and Iran to abolish the US dollar as an international currency. Our representatives need to keep America ahead of its time.

Barry Werner

America needs more corporate work

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