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Williamsport, PA-Baseball is an American pastime that has been passed down from generation to generation. It’s together, young and old. For over 70 years, there’s nothing more obvious in the Little League World Series, where people of all ages have come from afar to enjoy baseball in its purest form.

But all the while, there was no such story.

Last year, Nolensville, Tennessee, along with 12-year-old Blake Pearson, felt they had a strong team and hoped to reach Williamsport. Then Covid struck those dreams and ruined them. Without playing baseball, while sitting at home, he flirt with his family hobby Blake and his brother Ryan, making a prophetic connection.

Let’s go back a little.

In the summer of 2018, Andrew Pearson took his sons Ryan and Blake to the Experimental Aircraft Association show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. While there, he came across an amateur radio hut. As a kid, Andrew was ham radio, and he quickly fell in love with his hobby while showing his boy how it worked.

Ryan Pearson, Tennessee, plays one of many stunning defensive plays at La Made Stadium.

Returning to his hometown of Tennessee, his father and his two sons assembled their radio and began taking classes. To become an official operator, you must take a class and pass the exam. Only then will you become an officially licensed operator of the FCC.

In the summer of 2019, Andrew, Ryan, and Blake licensed and began to level up. In the summer of 2020, they passed the highest level of testing called “extras”. This is the black belt for the amateur radio version.

On August 15, 2020, the Little League World Series was canceled, so Ryan logged on to callsign KN4VKW and Blake logged on to KN4VKY to make friends around the world and met a man. The call sign is K3LPX.

When the brothers visited the website and pulled up the K3LPX, they saw a photo of Lamade Stadium, below which they saw the words “Little League Baseball Home in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.”

Marty Maurer, a lifetime resident of Williamsport, is a K3LPX. “I’ve been an amateur radio guy for over 60 years,” Maurer said from home earlier this week. “I talked to people all over the world. When asked where I came from, they said” Williamsport, PA, “but people didn’t know where it was. Then when I said “the home of Little League baseball,” that meant something. “

That certainly meant something for the Pearson brothers who love baseball. I met someone in the Little League home and told their dad that all parties had exchanged information.

“Then I didn’t think much about it until Ryan’s team won the regional championship this year and entered the World Series,” Andrew said. “Then I remembered,’I know that guy in Williamsport,’ so I dug up his information and emailed him. After a while, Marty picked up and called me.”

It was August 15, 2021. Just one year from the day of the first interaction.

Jim, Blake, Ryan, Marty.jpg

Ham (from left to right) Andrew Pearson (KN4VKX), Blake Pearson (KN4VKY), Ryan Pearson (KN4VKW, and Marty Maurer (K3LPX)).

Moller was given a family pass by Pearson’s to attend a match in South Williamsport, and Marty and his wife, Gale, invited Pearson’s to their home for dinner.

“We had a lot of baseball and travel this summer,” said Jacqueline, a flight nurse for Vanderbilt Life Flight in Nashville and the mother / wife of the Pearson clan. “I’m really glad Marty and Gale took us to home cooking. We don’t have many of them lately.”

Ryan Pearson, Black_2021.jpg

Ryan Pearson played stellar defensive play long before Tennessee created the Little League World Series.

Tennessee has been removed from the title battle, but that doesn’t mean Ryan Pearson didn’t have a memorable tournament. First, ESPN made him the focus of the in-game highlight reels and showed off his defenses as a shortstop.

But more importantly, Ryan will be on the biggest stage in Little League, at least for Ham around the world.

There are more than 3 million amateur radio operators worldwide, of which more than 700,000 are in the United States. Ryan is considered to be the first officially recognized ham in the Little League World Series.

When Ryan returns to Tennessee radio, he hopes that national television appearances will help make new friends around the world. If you are a ham, please feel free to contact us. KN4VKW. He willingly answer.

Don’t hit the ground ball his way, as he will gladly throw you out too.

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Amateur Radio Leads to Crazy Coincidence and Unique Little League World Series Friendship | News

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