Alec and Hilaria Baldwin give birth to a baby girl | Celebrities

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin expect a baby girl.

Couples who have already shared Carmen, 8, Rafael, 6, Leonardo, 5, Romeo, 3, Eduardo, 18 months, Lucia, 13 months will share a sweet gender show video on Instagram on Monday (09.05.22). The news that they were adding a daughter to their chicks after they shared that Hilaria was pregnant in March.

After each member of the family advised the fetus, the 38-year-old podcaster finally said, “Daughter, I can’t wait to see you.”

Hilaria, who won an Emmy Award in 2012, wrote in the video caption: Here’s why she chose the video route: As I grow up and learn, I want to do it a little differently this time. What makes our baby a loving, whole person? What is important? What makes them free and proud to see? We can only guide, encourage, listen, share experiences and learn from them while watching their own journey. We can provide the best possible life, but the rest is what the baby discovers. Their own, unique self.

“I share the hopes and wishes of you and our family, the encouragement and advice for our new baby. Seeing these children full of love and the simplest and kindest wisdom, I I am very pleased. Hearing them share their words is one of the best gifts of my life.

Join us to honor this whole little independent human being growing in me[red heart emoji].. “

Former “30 Rock” star, who shares his 26-year-old model daughter Ireland with former Kim Basinger, also posted a sweet message to his family and Hilaria and how “proud” he is.

“I’m proud of you, my wife, and my family,” said the 64-year-old actor.

At the time of the announcement, the couple said in a joint statement that their new additions are scheduled for the fall.

They said: “We have engraved” somosunbuene quipo “on our wedding rings. “

“We always tell each other at home — we are a good team.” “One of the most beautiful things my kids have experienced in a big family is how their hearts grow with each new sibling. Is it? “

“Our loving abilities continue to grow and we can’t wait to accept our new little kids this fall!”

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin give birth to a baby girl | Celebrities

Source link Alec and Hilaria Baldwin give birth to a baby girl | Celebrities

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