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Alabama Governor Ivy Attracts Challengers in 2022 Republican Primary | Nationwide

Montgomery, Alabama (AP) — Governor of Alabama, Kay Ivy, was considered safe for a second term, but will be able to take advantage of the former relationship in next year’s 2022 Republican primary. Candidates are being collected. President Donald Trump or a conservative voter is dissatisfied with the pandemic and other issues.

According to a copy of the invitation she tweeted, Lynda Blanchard, Trump’s ambassador to Slovenia, is switching from a US Senate race to a governor’s contest. Toll road developer Tim James, son of former Alabama Governor Fob James, confirmed on Monday that he has begun a major challenge to Ivy.

The Blanchard campaign did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the invitation that Tuesday’s campaign event was sponsored by the Lindy Blanchard campaign for the governor.

James said he was in the race because many conservative voters believed he was “worried” about the state’s recent political decisions. Among them, he raised the petrol tax, pushed by some Republicans to legalize the casino, a medical marijuana program, and the processing of COVID-19 pandemics such as past mask mandates for K-12 students. I quoted the side.

“This isn’t who the people in this state are,” James said in a telephone interview on Monday. “That’s certainly not what the usual, traditional type of Republicans believe.”

James ran for governor in 2002 and 2010, slightly missing the Republican final vote, about 200 votes behind the final winner, Robert Bentley. Bentley continued to win posts that year.

Ivy is seeking her second full term after Bentley resigned in 2017 in the promotion of the legislature to impeach him.

Blanchard is planning a Tuesday campaign event in Wetumpka.

Taking on a well-funded incumbent is usually a difficult battle in the primary. James is already known in the primary. Blanchard, a businessman and eight-year-old mother, is expected to devote himself to his relationship with Trump, who remains popular among Republicans in the state.

“The MAGA movement is the heart and soul of this country. I participated in the Senate race to serve the people of Alabama, and whatever the future may bring, it’s always my main goal. “Blanchard said in speculation last month that she was switching races.

Monday playing cards support Former US Senator David Perdue challenges Georgia Governor Brian Kemp in next year’s Republican Preliminary Elections. Trump encouraged him to run to Purdue after blaming Kemp, claiming he hadn’t done enough to overturn the Democratic President Joe Biden’s election victory in Georgia.

It is unclear if Trump will participate in the Alabama race. He told Newsmax on Monday that he was watching the race, but did not mention the candidate by name.

“Well, I see Alabama. It was in great shape. As you know, I won the record numbers. And many people are asking for support. And I’m probably in Alabama. People will support a variety of people, “Trump said, saying he already supports Brooks, Missouri, in the US Senate race.

The primary election is set for May 24, 2022.

Prison officer and former Morgan County Commissioner Stacy Lee George has already opposed ivy.

Talking about growth areas, James said his father had said that “the governor’s race should attract the crowd.”

Fob James served two terms as governor, after being elected in 1978, as a Democrat, and after being elected in 1994, as a Republican.

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Alabama Governor Ivy Attracts Challengers in 2022 Republican Primary | Nationwide

Source link Alabama Governor Ivy Attracts Challengers in 2022 Republican Primary | Nationwide

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