After another sultry day, some relief may be on the way. The army is having a hard time recruiting.Phillies was attacked by a low Cubs

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You may finally get out of the heat, but you have to get through Monday first. The cold front is expected to pass later today, providing the potential for heavy thunderstorms. The highest temperature today will reach about 95 degrees Celsius.

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Some urban dwellers flee when heat records fall in the northeast

Milk and honey aren’t flowing exactly — ask the struggling black bears in the area — but the promised land is trying to escape the hot spells of almost a week that could intensify. We provided a Sunday rest for the people of the northeastern cities. Resources-rich people flee to highlands such as 1,800-foot (550-meter) pools, beaches, and Promisedland State Park in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, about two and a half hours drive from New York City and Philadelphia. It is in.


The possibility of selling the Back County Water and Sewerage Corporation is being monitored by officials in Montgomery County Chester.

Environmental groups are urging residents of Chester and Montgomery counties to attend upcoming meetings of the city authorities to provide water and sewerage services to their homes and express their thoughts on plans to sell them to private companies. Earlier this month, the board of directors of the Buck County Water and Sewerage Authority, a public non-profit organization, announced that it had received an offer from Aqua America to purchase a sewerage system for $ 1.1 billion. The disclosure took place after a series of meetings between the two entities that were not publicly advertised.

The military changes its approach as the branch struggles to recruit new military personnel

Although military recruiters target high school students as their main audience, it has been difficult to arrange face-to-face meetings between these young men and women since the outbreak of the pandemic, and the number of enlistments nationwide is that. It shows the result. The Air Force, Army, Marines, and Navy are all struggling to reach their recruitment goals and need to find ways to attract more new members in order to keep the country in good shape. There are Berks County and other parts of southeastern Pennsylvania. Senior Sergeant Diana Quinnlan, a spokeswoman for the Navy’s Talenting Group in Philadelphia, said:

Celebration of the 100th birthday includes a salute to the worship of World War II veteran Stan Friday

“One day at a time. The first thing you know is that you reach 100.” Stan Friday said on July 23, a friend in his home garden in Franconia, that’s the secret to living for 100 years. And his family gathered to celebrate his 100th birthday. He advised to cherish every day. He knew something was planned for Friday when the party started, but he didn’t know the details, he said.

Upper Gwined Zoning questions continue

Residents continue to exchange views on the proposed project at Pembroke Parkway in Upper Gwined. Some residents continued to ask for details of the proposed project, and town officials continue to say that there is nothing specific to discuss yet. “It hasn’t been submitted to the planning committee yet. There is no date because we don’t know where it’s going on. The draft is still under consideration,” said township manager Sandra Brooke Sadel.


Chicago Cubs Nelson Velazquez, right, score ...
Chicago Cubs’ Nelson Velazquez (right) passed Garrett Stubbs of the Philadelphia Phillies in the third round of a baseball game in Philadelphia on Sunday, July 24, 2022. (AP Photo / Matt Rourke)

Aggressive inconsistency that hurt the Phillies in every way

Bryce Harper is still out indefinitely. Didi Gregorius doesn’t seem to remember how to hit the ball, even on the warning track. Nick Castellanos can hit almost nothing, even at the new lows. Not surprisingly, in one series of illnesses since the All-Star Break, Phillies’ general lack of aggressive coherence has returned with revenge. : Outside looking at the playoffs photos.

The odds for him are as high as expectations for Hearts’ third eagle season

Pressure is rarely a problem for Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts. The man can continue to play longer than Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick, who led the Eagles to eight cumulative playoffs. Around his teammates, Hearts is cut out of the Super Bowl LIIM VP Nick Foles leadership pattern. But his expectations for Hurts in his third year have skyrocketed out of control.

After another shutout, Union is aiming for defensive history

Jim Curtin issued a number to the media on Saturday night, and much earlier to his players, to remove the long-held veil of purpose in the former centre-back’s head. Sporting Kansas City achieved 27 or the fewest goals recognized by the MLS team in the 34-game season. After defeating Orlando City 1-0 on Saturday, Union was able to pass 22 games with 15s. Curtin was relieved to publicly declare the goals he set behind the scenes long ago.


Ryan J. Condal (left) and George RR Martin "House of the Dragon" The third day of Comic-Con International, held in San Diego on Saturday, July 23, 2022. (Photo by Richard Shotwell / Invision / AP)
Ryan J. Condal (left) and George RR Martin will attend the “House of the Dragon” panel on the third day of Comic Con International in San Diego on Saturday, July 23, 2022. (Photo by Richard Shotwell / Invision / AP)

TV: With so many options, the best shows stand out

Two countdowns are turned on. One ends on August 15th for 3 weeks and the remaining 6 days on August 21st. The first series marks the end of AMC’s “Better Call Sole,” one of the greatest series ever on television. The program that it spun, “Breaking Bad”. The combination of the two Vince Galligan efforts makes it a very powerful storytelling unit that can be ranked as legendary. As long as people are watching TV, they expect them to be streamed separately and in pairs.

After another sultry day, some relief may be on the way. The army is having a hard time recruiting.Phillies was attacked by a low Cubs

Source link After another sultry day, some relief may be on the way. The army is having a hard time recruiting.Phillies was attacked by a low Cubs

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