Address the question “Can you give me a snack?” When the kids start their summer vacation

Pittsburgh (KDKA) – Children are at home or are coming home soon. In other words, you can hear hungry screams.

So how do parents need to respond to the familiar “Can I have a treat?” Question?

The answer is much easier if you plan ahead.

Correspondence to the snack shop begins with some form of breakfast.

“Eggs and egg bites, or yogurt smoothies, may have carbohydrates in addition to having fruits, but toast-whole grains-or something like that,” said a nutritionist. Said nutritionist Laura Zelbos.

According to Zelbos, breakfast keeps them for a while, but before snack time, you can chop fruits and vegetables and have the kids help or pick them up.

“Some yogurts, even applesauce, are in the pouch,” she said. “Children like that single serve are something you can get for yourself.”

If you don’t want to run into the kitchen all the time, keep them within reach. Store snacks in accessible shelves or refrigerators.

Lunch planning is also important, Zerbos said. While cleaning up your dinner, make a plate of leftovers, or something like grilled cheese.

“High-fiber tortillas with cheese, protein and chicken are fun foods for kids,” she explained. “Cut it out for them, and a small triangle, let them soak it in salsa.”

But leftovers may not be appealing to parents who like or dislike them, so what if there are “people who refuse food” at the table?

Zelbos said he would continue to challenge, it can take up to 7 attempts at food to the child before they really know if they like it.

There’s also the cost issue-how to keep your child eating healthy, but not broken in the process.

Again, it’s important to plan ahead and shop.

Saving a lot of money sold in warehouses is perfect for summer treats. Just add a small sandwich bag.

“Take the time to snap into several bags, and you’ll get one of those bags, and you’ll get one in a day. “Zervos said.

She added that you wouldn’t be a short-term cook for your kids, one meal would fit everything, allow kids to take turns picking, and limit their fast food trips.

“Remember, every time you eat out [it’s] The sodium salts in calories are 30% higher. ”

One way to encourage Zelbos to answer the first hungry cry is water, and we sometimes say “hungry is mistaken for thirst.”

As for that, she says water is the best and limits the juice box.

“Juice is sometimes okay,” she said. “Again, I think it’s okay, in moderation.”

She said that not only a stable diet of macaroni cheese, but also diversity is important to ensure that children get the healthy foods they need.

“The problem is that it’s missing not just macaroni cheese, but everything else,” she explained.

Plan your diet, plan your meals, and get your children involved in the process, with a view to consuming fruits and protein.

Address the question “Can you give me a snack?” When the kids start their summer vacation

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