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Activist: Prosecution of Louisiana Soldier for Death of Black Man | National

New Orleans (AP) — Louisiana police soldiers involved in the violent arrest of a black driver who died in police detention in 2019 should be dismissed and arrested, the National City Alliance and other civil rights The leader of the rights group said Thursday.

Mark Morial, national president of the Urban League and former mayor of New Orleans, arrested Ronald Green at a morning press conference with the American Civil Liberties Union and other state and local civil rights groups, including the NAACP. Discussed death.

“Mr. Green was killed by soldiers in these states,” Morial said after reviewing an Associated Press video report that included an interview with an expert on the use of police force. “After watching the video, no rational person could reach any other conclusions, other than a Louisiana soldier committing a crime.”

“Undoubtedly, Ron Greene was killed by the Louisiana police,” added civil rights lawyer Ron Haley.

Green’s mother, Mona Hardin, said that she had not only met with state legislators, but had previously asked the governor’s office and district attorney to issue a soldier arrest warrant with family lawyer Lee Merritt. Appeared at a press conference. .. Merit said they were told to trust the process and wait for the results of the federal investigation.

“No one is taking any particular action,” said Merritt. “We believe in equal protection under the law, and if white citizens, fellow police officers, and children of the governor achieve the same goals that Ronald Green met, he will act by now. Will happen. “

Hardin thanked Morial and others for attending the press conference.

“We need help,” she said. “Someone’s attention is needed to move these mountains.”

video Acquired by AP and later released by a state police show Trooper After a car chase and crash in northeastern Louisiana in May 2019, 49-year-old Green was brilliantly beaten and choked.

Green’s family was initially told that he died in a car accident. State police later issued a brief statement admitting that Green had died on his way to the hospital in a struggle with officers. Since then, Green’s death has been investigated by state and federal authorities. It is also the subject of a lawsuit.

The video shows soldiers gathering in a green car outside Monroe, Louisiana, after a high-speed chase following an unspecified traffic violation. Troopers can be seen repeatedly rocking, strangler figs, hitting their heads, and dragging their ankle ties with a 49-year-old unarmed man with a stun device.

He was also laid face down on the ground for more than nine minutes while in custody — experts in the use of tactical force criticized it as dangerous and may have restricted his breathing. Did.

The autopsy cited detention and “injured head injuries” as the cause of Green’s death, along with delirium and other injuries caused by cocaine, which may be the result of a car accident.

The Louisiana ACLU said the afternoon rally would include representatives of the Louisiana NAACP and Green’s family. After remarks about Capitol Steps, the group plans to march to the governor’s mansion.

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Activist: Prosecution of Louisiana Soldier for Death of Black Man | National

Source link Activist: Prosecution of Louisiana Soldier for Death of Black Man | National

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