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Shane Bone, owner and founder of SimpleSteps Consulting in Eagleville, Montgomery County, is in the middle of a downsizing project with a client and is using his home reorganization expertise to help reduce his property.

It’s not uncommon for her to help clients over the age of 60. They are in the stage of life, wanting to move to a small house, or simply reduce the clutter that has accumulated over decades.

Since launching the business in 2016, what she has learned is that the emotional element of being obsessed with things is one layer of the process that her business prepares to work on rather than set aside. Is that.

Shane Bone, owner and founder of Simple Steps Consulting (provided by Simple Steps Consulting)

So their first step is to determine how emotionally obsessed the client is with what they have and do it. Bourne paid tribute to the fact that he is helping people navigate the chapters of life.

“Many people suffer from emotional attachment to many of their things,” Bourne said. “Some of our teams have a background in therapy and coaching. We are really calm to help deal with the turmoil and turmoil that has accumulated around them. We take a competent approach. “

Then she begins to break down barriers based on decisions that are easy to make in advance. These are what she calls simple questions that do not require emotional processing.

“Start with something as simple as furniture,” says Bourne. “Save other things, such as physical photos, for later use.”

She said that most of Bone’s clients don’t even know where to start when it comes to working on their property, so over time they begin to feel an empowerment that makes purging easier.

“The harder it gets, the harder it gets,” she said.

Simple Steps Consulting employees load cars to go to the donation center for miniaturized clients. (Provided by Simple Steps Consulting)

Bourne also found it easier for someone to donate something if there was a purpose behind it.

“I had a client who had all these unopened toys in a box and found a place to give them to children in need,” Bourne said. “As soon as she had her purpose, it was easy for her to make a commitment. She feels it is feasible for her clients.”

When it comes to physical memory, from a souvenir perspective, Bone has one bin philosophy.

“I ask them what they have and what is most important for them to maintain,” she said.

Terry Stroble, Founder of All About Organized (Courtesy of All About Organized)

Like Bone, Terry Stroble, owner of All About Organized, based in Douglassville, Berks County, makes sure that these souvenirs are meaningful, high-value items. She finds her most successful in helping clients make decisions as they continue to focus on where they are heading.

“Before you get to the sentimental item, say,’Let’s see what you have and where you’re moving,'” she said. “If I keep them focused on the space I’m moving to, it will greatly help in the process of clearing and removing my belongings.”

In some cases, the client may be downsizing from a two-bedroom or four-bedroom home to the studio. This reality makes it easy to let go of souvenirs, and Stroble’s coaches help guide them through these more difficult items to let go.

“There isn’t much space to store those belongings,” she said. “It’s difficult, but we get over it.”

Bourne found that one of the biggest mistakes many make is leading to the accumulation of many things. It has the idea that it cannot be removed because it may be needed.

“They may not have touched it within 20 years,” she said.

For clients in the active aging category, there are certain things that simple steps that emphasize the importance of downsizing deal with when they are still in a position to make decisions.

“You still have the ability to decide where you want to go, who you want to go to, and with them what you don’t need to deal with when you can’t do it anymore,” Bourne said. Told.

Instead, she suggests anticipating the game and starting the choice now, rather than waiting for a real emergency when there is great pressure to accomplish it.

“When we think about downsizing, do you want your child to do it?” She said. “No, we don’t want children to have to experience all of our junk.”

Bone suggests going through one room in the house for a year, taking into account huts, attics, basements, and garages.

“I think you’ll be better whenever you can be proactive about these spaces in your home,” she said. “People usually wait for a life event to occur, and then they’re in a place of choice, which isn’t a good way to get it done.”

Overall, Simple Steps provides a customized client approach to seniors, families, or others with goals that apply to everyone.

“We are working to help our clients find a balance and peace in the way they live in their homes,” Bourne said. “If we adopt the idea of ​​actively working on downsizing, we can go one step further.”

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Simple Steps specializes in organizing and redesigning homes. It is the passion of the founder Shaneborn to help clients find balance and peace in their daily lives by introducing simple steps and time-saving solutions to turmoil and turmoil. Simple Steps provides personal and team services.

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Terri Stroble, founder of All About Organized, is passionate about helping others and loves to create organized spaces. Stroble helps clients simplify and embrace an orderly lifestyle. Stroble’s goal is to help people go beyond the current situation and understand what is most important to them.

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Actively downsizing

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