Accused Lower Providence child pornographic collectors are facing trial for an additional fee

Lower Providence — A man in Lower Providence, who was accused of possessing more than 7,300 images of child pornography last year, possessed such material while paying bail awaiting trial in the original case. I have to answer a new accusation of the Montgomery County Court that I continued.

Edward Clyde Elvin Jr., 65, 100 blocks on Park Avenue, occurred in March with 203 new cases of possession of child pornography after a preliminary hearing by Judge Kathleen Kelly Lever in the district court. Communication facility related to the alleged incident.

Without paying bail until the trial, Elvin faces a formal prosecution hearing on a new indictment in the county court on June 29, after which the judge sets the trial date.

At the time of his arrest, Elvin was released on bail in January 2021 while awaiting an indictment against him for possessing 7,366 images of child pornography. As a condition of bail at the time, Elvin was banned from using the Internet and was also banned from contact with minors.

The latest investigation was on April 11th, when a county detective took a Cyber ​​Tip from the Pennsylvania Internet Crime vs. Children Task Force launched by Apple Inc. “after the discovery of child pornographic images uploaded by platform users.” It started when I received it. Reape, alleged in criminal accusations, added that Apple reported the case to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

A tip started by Apple reports that Elvin uploaded images of child pornography to the platform from March 4th to March 7th.

“Apple provided a total of eight emails containing confirmed child pornographic images,” Leap claims, adding the images and Elvin uploading them through one email account and another. Sent to your email account.

According to court documents, the image contained women between the ages of 3 and 12.

With an investigation warrant, the detective went to Elvin’s house on April 28 and confiscated his cell phone, court documents show. Detectives preview the phone and “clearly portray” children under the age of 13 making obscene contacts and minors doing obscene acts “for the sexual satisfaction of the viewer.” Found 4 video files.

The first investigation began in October 2020, when a county detective received a Cyber ​​Tipline notice. This notice was sent via the Delaware County Internet Crime vs. Children Task Force. This notice consists of 26 reports provided by Google for user accounts containing more than 500 images of “child sexual assault”. Image “, according to court documents.

The file contained various sexual images of children in the “early childhood to teenage age group,” Reape claimed in the original arrest affidavit. The survey associated user account information with Elvin’s residence.

The detective went to Elvin’s residence on October 28, 2020 and seized a computer tablet that had undergone a forensic examination. According to the criminal accusation, the detective found 7,366 image files “depicting a child under the age of 18 engaged in sexual activity posing naked.”

“More than 100 of these images were from children under the age of 13. Most of these images and files are from infants who have been sexually abused,” Reape said in his first arrest affidavit. Insisted on.

Assistant District Attorney Jedia Globstein has charged the case. Attorney Brooks Thompson represents Elvin, according to court records.

The prosecution protects children from internet criminals by the Montgomery County Detective Agency, along with detectives specially trained and sworn by county-wide police stations, to actively and proactively investigate internet crimes that exploit children. He said he regularly works with the Internet Crime vs. Children Task Force.

Accused Lower Providence child pornographic collectors are facing trial for an additional fee

Source link Accused Lower Providence child pornographic collectors are facing trial for an additional fee

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