Accusations of shot birds confront neighbors

Kennedy Township, PA (KDKA)-One local neighbor said he was worried that his neighbors were shooting and killing birds and that someone would be injured. He has expressed concern about safety.

They said they saw it happen on Sunday, and it was the most recent incident. But the neighbor told KDKA that it wasn’t what he expected.

“Just yesterday he shot the bird by noon,” Sandra Lin said of her neighbor.

He can be seen in a video shared with KDKA, showing that Lin used garden tools to kill a bird he had just shot. In the video, you won’t hear gunshots or see him shoot birds. The animal just flaps on the ground before he hits the bird.

Lynn said she called the Kennedy Township police and the game had complained many times over the past two years, but nothing had happened.

“A neighbor called him the police. I did that when I saw him shooting a bird through a window upstairs. I think it’s dangerous in the children’s neighborhood,” Lin said. rice field.

She added that the neighborhood is a walking community full of new parents with babies in strollers and children playing on the streets. Her fear is that one day an innocent child will be injured.

KDKA talked to his neighbor and showed him a video that Lin shared with us. Jake Stykarovsky said he was only freeing the animals from their misery.

“They get caught up in my blueberry net. Some of them are pretty irreparable. They probably start flopping a little or something-ordinary people will end their lives. Why Do you hurt them? “Stykarovsky said.

Stikarofsky said the gunshots his neighbors were hearing were just pellet guns he used for target practice. He put KDKA in the garage and showed me the gun.

Stikarofsky denies shooting birds and animals on his property. He said he had a lot of birdhouses he had built on his property.

“In the winter when I have nothing to do, I come here and build a birdhouse,” he added.

He feels this is just a big misunderstanding.

But neighbors said they weren’t so sure.

“When you hear a bang, you see, but if someone has a gun down and they’re gone and picking up a flapping corpse,” Lin said.

KDKA contacted the Kennedy Township Police Department to obtain more information about the complaints filed against Stykarovsky.

They haven’t answered the phone yet.

Accusations of shot birds confront neighbors

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