According to the PA Department of Welfare, 58 children died of abuse last year.state

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania – 58 children died from abuse last year, 18 of them from violent deaths, according to a newly released report.

in our annual release Child Protective Services Report This week, the State Department of Social Services also showed that 52% (30) of the 58 deaths were caused by “lack of supervision.” Another 18 of her deaths, or 31%, were due to “violent acts.” The remaining children’s deaths were caused by asphyxiation, neglect of medical attention, “co-sleeping in aggravated conditions”, ingestion, poisoning, unsafe guns, and malnutrition.

The State Department of Social Services wants to encourage all Pennsylvanians to report possible child abuse or neglect to Childline.

A 24/7 hotline available to anyone interested in the safety and welfare of children can be reached by calling 1-800-932-0313.

The report finds that child abuse deaths have fallen from 73 in 2020 to 58 in 2021. 115 people died in 2020, and the number rose to 136 last year.

A map of Pennsylvania showing the number of child abuse cases reported by county.

The report also shows that there were 2,098 allegations of abuse last year, of which 325 were substantiated.

Lycoming County in central Pennsylvania had 124 confirmed cases of abuse and 510 suspected cases.

The report also showed that in 2021, there were 1,588 allegations of abuse in “childcare settings.” 742 of these cases were referred to law enforcement for possible criminal investigations.

According to DHS, everyone can play a role in protecting children from abuse.

DHS says to look out for signs of potential abuse or neglect, such as numerous and/or unexplained injuries and bruises. Chronic marked anxiety and inadequate emotional expression; flinching or avoiding being touched. Poor impulse control. Exhibiting abusive behavior or speech; cruelty to animals or others. Above all, fear of parents and caregivers.

Learn more about signs of child abuse here. report suspected child abuse, call ChildLine at 1-800-932-0313. According to the PA Department of Welfare, 58 children died of abuse last year.state

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