According to sources, Jet can be targeted by free agents four players – Reading Eagle

There is a free agent nearby and the jet is expected to be aggressive, but not careless.

Jets has a cap space of $ 48 million, the second largest in the NFL according to Spotrac, and a surplus of draft capital with four picks in the top 38. To support this young roster in the maturity process, you need to add a proven NFL veteran.

After the franchise tag deadline has passed, it will be clearer which players will be available. The Cowboys tight end Dalton Schultz, the Buccaneers wide receiver Chris Godwin, the Bengals Safety Jesse Bates, the Browns tight end David Nyok, and the Packers wide receiver Davante Adams have been tagged.

All players who may have helped Jets have options available.

There are four free agents to note here. The legal tampering window opens at noon on Monday, but the free agent officially starts at 4 pm on Wednesday.

CBDJ lead

There is a story that the Jets do not appreciate cornerbacks because of the achievements of Robert Saleh and Joe Douglas. However, multiple sources within the building consider cornerbacks to be premium positions and needs.

Reed is not yet a nationally talked-about name. But jets are interested and there will be competition, sources told Daily News.

He is an ascending player who played very well in 2021. The lead ended with two pass cuts and ten pass breakups.

According to Next Gen Stats, the 25-year-old lead plays in sticky coverage as QB completes 49% of the pass when thrown in his direction and is the fifth lowest of the CBs targeted at least 50 times. Did. The QB’s passer rating was 69, and Reed allowed only three touchdowns and 474 yards of coverage.

Reed played under Sale in San Francisco in 2018 and 2019. And Seattle is running a system similar to Saleh, as Saleh comes from the Seahawks tree.

G James Daniels

Bears were trying to get Daniels to test the market, and there was interest between Daniels and Jets, sources said.

Daniels is diverse as he served as a left and right guard during his four-year tenure with Bears. In 2021, he allowed only three bags.

Daniels, 24, will be a good plan to fit the wide zone of the jet because of his lateral athletic ability.

He will upgrade the situation of Gang Green’s right guard in 2021. Greg Van Loo had a lot of trouble, sometimes giving up on negative play and killing the drive.

Just as his addition was intriguing, another source close to the situation told the news that he suspected the jet would go in that direction.

S Marcus Williams

The saints are in hell. That’s why Williams is expected to hit the market.

The jet will take part in the Williams Sweepstakes. It’s the most noisy secret on the NFL street. People inside the building believe that Williams gives Jets the stability and talent needed to improve Robert Saleh’s defenses.

Williams did not create a Pro Bowl or an Allpro team, but it is still considered to be a safe game.

Williams wins the top of the market dollar, so the question is whether the jet is ready to pay what it needs.

LB Foiol Okun

Orukun spent a year of breakouts with the Falcons. He led the NFL with a tackle (192) and finished with three passcuts. He has a range to play from sideline to sideline in Sale’s plan.

Oluokun played under Jeff Ulbrich of Jets DC, who coached linebackers from 2018 to 2020. Ulbrich became the defensive coordinator of Orukun in the middle of the 2020 season.

Jet is interested in him, according to sources with direct knowledge.


According to sources, Jet can be targeted by free agents four players – Reading Eagle

Source link According to sources, Jet can be targeted by free agents four players – Reading Eagle

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