Abortion Rights: How Governor’s Veto Can Protect Women’s Freedom | Roe v. Wade

Mef The US Supreme Court First decision 26 states to overturn the Roe v. Wade case next month Specific or likely Prohibit abortion. The Governor’s veto pen is becoming more and more powerful for those who want to protect their right to abortion.

The possibility of Roe’s demise has raised stakes in national governor elections, especially in states with Republican-led legislatures that move to ban abortion unless the Democratic governor intervenes.

Democratic governor candidates are now emphasizing the urgency of the moment to voters and portraying themselves as the last line of defense against abortion bans in their states.

Four states with Republican-controlled legislatures and Democratic governors – Kansas, Michigan, Pennsylvania And Wisconsin – Governor’s election is being held in November. Democrats are also paying close attention to governor elections in fierce war states, where Republicans currently control both the governor’s mansion and the legislatures (such as Georgia and Arizona).

If the Supreme Court overturns Roe Republican With full control of the state government, abortion bans in these states are almost certain. In some parts of Tossup, which are hosting the governor’s election this year, such as Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona, abortion of pre-Raw books has already been banned, and the Republican Party has ruled a groundbreaking case in court. If you overturn it, you are seeking execution.

of Kansas Both Pennsylvania’s incumbent Democratic governors have previously rejected bills restricting access to abortion, and if Republicans take control, these proposals will probably come true.

“The leaked draft opinion is overturned Roe v. Wade One thing is clear-the future of reproductive rights will be defined at the state level, “said Christina Amestoy, senior communications adviser to the Democratic Governor’s Association. “The person sitting in the governor’s office determines a woman’s ability to access an abortion.”

Since the court’s draft opinion was published, the views of Republican governor candidates on abortion have been under new scrutiny. In Pennsylvania, all four leading Republican governor candidates have somehow announced their support for an abortion ban. State Parliamentarian Doug Mastriano, Lead in voting now Prior to Tuesday’s Primary, he said in a recent debate that he opposes abortion ban exceptions such as rape, incest and mother’s safety.

Josh Shapiro, a candidate for presumed Democratic governor of Pennsylvania, is already Attack ads If Mastriano is elected, he warns that he wants to ban abortion.

“Each of our opponents has revealed that. They will sign a bill that bans abortion and deprives women of their choice,” said Manuel Bonder, a spokesman for Shapiro. .. “Because DC failed to protect these rights, Josh Shapiro will stand up and fight, leaving Pennsylvania a place where everyone has the freedom to start a family anytime and in any way they like.”

A bill that limits women’s choices will land at the next governor’s desk, and if one of my GOP opponents wins, they will sign it.

I refuse.

I am the only candidate for the governor to make that choice. That is a fact.

— Josh Shapiro (@JoshShapiroPA) May 10, 2022

Katie Hobbes, Democrat running for governor ArizonaSimilarly, promises to use a veto pen to block abortion restrictions, while at the same time calling for the abolition of the state’s 1901 law, which criminalizes the control of procedures.

“I will do my best to protect the basic freedoms of the Arizonas and their access to assisted reproductive technology, and use their veto powers to defeat the absolute measures as they come across my desk,” Hobs leaked. I said later.

And democratic governor candidates aren’t just waiting to take action for the potential end of Roe until election day.Stacey Abrams, voting leader running for governor GeorgiaEarlier this month, she temporarily suspended funding for her campaign and instead raised funding for an abortion group.

of Michigan, Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer has filed a proceeding to prevent the enforcement of the 1931 abortion ban, with no exceptions related to rape and incest. Whitmer also requested the Supreme Court of Michigan to grant access to abortion under the State Constitution.

of Her New York Times is an editorial Whitmer, announced last week, warned that it would be nearly impossible for Republicans to lift the 1931 ban by controlling the Michigan State Capitol, and any tool the Democrats have at their disposal to protect their right to abortion. Emphasized that it is necessary to use.

“We can all feel the despair and despair that tens of millions of American women, our neighbors, family and friends, are feeling,” Whitmer said. “But despair is a choice and pessimism is a luxury. Unprecedented steps need to be taken to protect the right to choice.”

The possibility of Roe’s end is also beginning to affect some governor primaries, as candidates use their views on abortion to distinguish them from their enemies. Georgia’s Trump-backed governor candidate, David Perdue, called on incumbent Republican governor Brian Kemp to bring back an emergency meeting to the legislature to pass an abortion ban if Law overthrows. ..

“Georgia voters deserve to know where the governor stands on this issue,” Purdue said after the draft opinion leaked. “You either fight for the dignity of life or not.”

But in most cases, Republicans sought to downplay how the end of Law would affect midterm elections. “Terry McAuliffe, a reminder to those who are wondering about the politics of the leaked Scottus opinion, said Jesse Hunt, Communications Director of the Virginia Governor’s Association, said he had an abortion earlier this month. I spent all year trying to make it a central issue in the election. ” “He lost 2% in the state where Biden won 10%.”

A reminder to those who are wondering about the politics of the leaked SCOTUS opinion: Terry McAuliffe spent all the fall to make abortion a central issue in the VA government’s race …

He lost 2% in the state where Biden won 10%

— Jesse Hunt (@ JJHunt10) May 3, 2022

Opinion polls show that while many Americans still focus on economic issues such as: The potential for Roe’s end is certainly in the spotlight of voters. Record high inflation..

Research Released by Monmouth University Last week, 26% of Americans cited economic policy as their number one concern in midterm elections, showing that it was the most common reaction. However, abortion is cited almost as often, with 25% of Americans choosing abortion as a top priority when assessing candidates.

Amestoy argued that democratic governor candidates do not have to choose between campaigning with plans to combat inflation or making promises to protect their right to abortion. Instead, she encouraged her candidates to use the enemy’s view of abortion to portray Republicans as not touching the needs of the average American.

“Republicans are campaigning on extreme fringe agendas, such as banning abortions rather than offering them to their families,” said Amestoy. “This is in stark contrast to what the Democratic governor and candidates can draw when they are working to address the concerns that voters are most concerned about.”

The contrast is even more important for democratic governor candidates whose federal abortion law is stalled in Congress.Senate Republican and Democrat Joe Manchin last Wednesday Blocked again A bill that would have codified Roe and secured the right to abortion at the national level. If the Supreme Court actually overturns Roe next month without implementing other federal protections, individual state policies will immediately dictate whether and how Americans have access to abortion. To do.

“Millions of Americans are at a loss for reproductive freedom,” said Amestoy. “It is our best to elect a democratic governor, and we probably only want to protect them.”

Abortion Rights: How Governor’s Veto Can Protect Women’s Freedom | Roe v. Wade

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