Abortion rights heat up two local council races

Pittsburgh (KDKA) —The US Supreme Court’s ruling on the right to abortion has boosted interest in the races of the two local councils.

As KDKA’s political editor Jon Delano reports, the two candidates say the issue has boosted both funding and volunteering.

Summer tends to put some campaigns off, but the Supreme Court’s overthrow of the right to abortion has had the opposite effect here.

“A few days after the Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade case, our funding increased by 60%,” said Chris, a Democrat in the 17th suburb, now represented by US Senator Conor Lamb.・ Mr. Delgio said. A Lebanese Democrat who left the House to run for the US Senate.

“Whether they are Democrats, non-members, or Republicans, they are furious at what the Supreme Court has done to defeat the right to abortion and set the precedent for decades. I especially women are angry, excited and their rights. “

Delzio is playing against Republican pro-life Jeremy Schaffer.

“The contrast is clear. He is an abortion radical. He takes the position that there should be no exceptions to rape and incest. He wants a constitutional amendment banning all abortions across the country.” Says Delzio.

KDKA’s John Delano talked to Schaffer who couldn’t get to the camera. Shaffer supports his lifelong constitutional amendment, but says it is now a state issue and opposes other federal bills.

Regarding exceptions, in a previous race iVoter guide, Shaffer stated that the only exception was the mother’s life, but told KDKA and others that she would allow abortion for rape and incest.

“On the day the decision was made, there was the greatest reaction to the funding we saw throughout the campaign,” said Pastore, a businessman and pro-choice Democrat in the 16th district of Butler and Lawrence counties. Says.

Pastore is running uphill against Republican butler Mike Kelley, a US MP in Prolife.

“Mr. Kelly’s position is one of the most extreme. He has no exceptions to rape and incest, and has passed a bill to ban abortion altogether and dramatically reduce the rights of women in Pennsylvania. It’s on hold at, “says Pastore.

A spokesperson for Kelly said, “Representative Kelly sees the Heartbeat Protection Act as the best way to legislate at the federal level. He will continue to work on a bill that already has nearly 115 co-sponsors. “.

The issue of abortion is hot for both sides, but it is not clear whether it outweighs issues such as inflation, attacks on the Capitol, and the environment. Voters will be decided within 18 weeks.

Abortion rights heat up two local council races

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