Abortion leaks cause religious rifts. Changes have been made to the popular old mall. Vintage Harden leads 76ers in heat

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The sun is fully regaining power today to start the week. The wind will feel a little cool, but the maximum temperature is expected to reach about 66 degrees Celsius.

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After the leak, religious cracks over legal abortion are on display

Faithful Americans support the Supreme Court’s potential to overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision and end the national right to abortion. Ever since this week a draft opinion was leaked suggesting that the judge might do so, I’ve never felt that a reversal of the 49-year-old decision was possible more than ever. Religious believers at the heart of the decades-old battle for abortion are shocked by the violation of the High Court Protocol, but they are still deeply divided and they deal with controversial issues. Belief is still firmly established.

Coventry Mall changes planned, details are sketchy

Management, which will soon become the former Coventry Mall, has announced on social media what many have been saying for weeks on social media — the interior of the mall will soon be closed. “It’s time to make a difficult announcement that the property known as Coventry Mall has undergone a major redevelopment and will change the way the property is presented,” read a statement posted on Shoppes’ Facebook page. In Coventry.

Despite the heavy rain, the spirit of the community is alive as many people participate in Kennet Run.

Despite the heavy rain, the runners united at Anson B. Nixon Park for the return of Kennet Run. About 100 runners participated in four different runs, including 10K, 5K, 1K races and Kid Pond runs. “It was a cold and rainy day, but I am very grateful to everyone who came out today and to all the sponsors and merchants who helped make the event a great event,” said John Lamagano of East Marborough. rice field.

New recreation center opens in Phoenix Building

The Phoenix Building Recreation Center is officially open on 501 Franklin Avenue and is ready to provide residents with state-of-the-art facilities for a variety of uses. The building has a large gymnasium with a basketball court and walking track, two preschool classrooms, a recreation department office space, two multipurpose rooms and a group exercise room. Construction began in March 2021 and is now available to residents of the autonomous region this spring. ..


James Harden of the Philadelphia 76ers will shoot in the second half of Game 4 of the NBA Basketball Second Round Playoff Series with the Miami Heat on Sunday, May 8, 2022 in Philadelphia. (AP photo / Matt Slow Cam)

Harden regains the old taste and helps the Sixers connect the series with the heat

The Sixers won the Foulfest at the Wells Fargo Center on Sunday night, won the Miami Heat 116-108, and even won the Best 7 Series at the Wells Fargo Center. Game 5 is Tuesday in Miami. “There may be a little more pressure on them to stay home,” said Danny Green, a Sixers Guard who drilled three three-pointers. “We have to try to put a little more pressure on them.” Joel Embiid owns the first quarter, James Harden owns the fourth quarter, after Jimmy Butler and the heat surge. , The Sixers have defeated the surge. Butler was great and scored continuously to keep the heat in the game. He finishes with 40 points.

McCafely: James Harden is hot, Joel Embiid is back, and the Sixers cool the heat

The concept was not new and the statement was not original. What James Harden knew when he spilled it last week was that it was as accurate as it was timely. The Sixers were the second game in the Best 7 Series in Miami, both losing double-digit numbers. Their shooting was not accurate and the defense was nothing special. But most of the time, their center hadn’t yet appeared. If you have time to panic, you may come later. If I had time for perspective, that was it.

The shadow of the series opener reassures the Phillies with a doubleheader split against the Mets

Just as Jeff McNeil stepped into the box at Tie Ingran on second base in the sixth inning, or when Seranthony Domínguez took his second walk to start the seventh inning, how much Phillies’ dug out I was wondering if I was wondering. The Phillies led the New York Mets by one run in Game 1 of Sunday’s doubleheader. Phils’ previously planned Game 2 starting pitcher was on the injured list at COVID. The waiting shifts were still shaking the crumbs from their purchase at the North East Extension rest area. Four games have passed since Phillies’ last win, and the six-run edge was considered inadequate in the final lead, Thursday’s nine innings.

Union manager Jim Curtin feels the team is “more valuable” from the road draw

Ten games have passed since the start of the season, and Union has reached the first “Choose Your Own Adventure Series” junction. In a few consecutive weeks, the club achieved a draw at Nashville and Los Angeles FC. When everything is said and done, the team could be near the top of the Western Conference. They led each game twice in Los Angeles with a 2-2 draw on Saturday night. So, is one point they return from each game just a reward for their labor away from home?


Packed Tony Award nominations show the revival of Broadway before the pandemic

After the desperate end of the Broadway season and some tense moments when the show struggled to reach its eligibility deadline in the outbreak of the new COVID-19, Tony Award nominations are finally at hand. Tony Award-winning Adrienne Warren and three-time nominee Joshua Henry planned to help publish a list of 26 categories on Tony’s YouTube channel on Monday morning.

TV: Forget the movie, top stars flock to a small screen

From a recent conversation with Cindy Williams, Shirley in the famous television classic “Laverne & Shirley,” she began to think about the actors and their reaction to television. By the way, Williams, who appeared in the Back County Playhouse at the comic retrospective of her successful life and career “I, myself, and Shirley,” has her and others in her acting generation play the role of television. Talking about ways to avoid undertaking In the early ’70s, television was seen as a step away from cinema, so it was a particularly fertile time for the media. If your relationship with the series or character is too strong, the movie casting director may ignore you.

Abortion leaks cause religious rifts. Changes have been made to the popular old mall. Vintage Harden leads 76ers in heat

Source link Abortion leaks cause religious rifts. Changes have been made to the popular old mall. Vintage Harden leads 76ers in heat

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