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Abington >> All of them lost last year and stopped twice this season, so Abington’s female lacrosse seniors don’t have a chance to play lightly.

In the light of Wednesday, the ghosts celebrated their nine seniors before they left and made a dominant effort to visit Upper Moreland. It was a tough spring, but Abington’s seniors were together for a long time and wanted a chance to join the field as a group.

When the ghost beat the Golden Bears 15-5, all nine seniors saw enough time and put in a lot of chips.

“Whenever we play in the stadium, we think good night,” said Maddy Hinkle, Abington’s senior midfielder, who scored four goals and assisted the other four. “Our energy was great and the draw was in our favor. Mei Mei (Chen) was really connected to me in a circle to get the ball and went from there.”

The seniors combined 14 of the 15 ghost goals (3-4, 2-3 SOL American) and 8 of the team’s 10 assists. Hinkle was the overall leader of the points, but senior Resha Caraba scored five goals and won the assist.

Shea Gormley completed a hat-trick, Abby Johnson scored one point, assisted three points, and first-year national team senior Emily Schlisman scored in the second half. Erica Simon, the last senior in the attack, wasn’t on the scoreboard, but she had plenty of time and her teammates were working hard to reach her goal in the last few minutes.

“Lost last season was really hard for us all,” Gormley said. “We had a pre-season. Everyone was really, really hard training so we got them removed. No one knew if we would get it back. After it was stopped, it gave us the strength to come back this year, win as much as we can and have as much fun as we can.

“We were shut down twice because of covid. The first time we thought we could get it back soon, but the second time we actually didn’t even play games or practice as a matter of course. I showed it. That is our motto. “

Abington had to wait to get out on the field, and the shutdown prevented ghosts from participating in the first game until April 6, a week after most other teams started playing. They played another match on April 8th, defeating CB South in their first win, but paused until April 20th in their second shutdown.

Despite the two shutdowns, the team was together and hoped that Wednesday’s victory would be the beginning of a positive momentum to end the season.

“We want to challenge and win every game,” Caraba said. “Mainly, I want to have fun, I want to celebrate. We always want to support each other, so we support every little thing and focus on it. Get closer as a team and win every match. That’s what I’m looking forward to. “

The Golden Bears (7-8, 4-6 SOL American), who did not start seniors on Wednesday, scored first but could not keep up with the pace of Abington’s senior heavy attack unit. Behind two goals from Caraba and Gormley and two helpers from Hinkle, Abington took a 4-1 lead in just five minutes in the first half.

Despite a surge in goals early on, the ghost couldn’t pull away until the second half, thanks to the excellent play of Bears goalkeeper Emma Harley. Jr. made nine saves, some of which were point blanks and received some praise from Abington’s attackers.

“We definitely had to give the goalkeeper a few high fives,” Gormley said. “It’s all about finding the weakest part, and when I understood it, it was a game.”

Willow Taylor won the UM within 4-2 at 19:50 on the clock to end the game’s rather busy opening act. From there, both defenses made several stops at Abington, led by senior goalkeeper Chloe Helgeregiu and senior back Zoe Friedman and defensive midfielder Lily Alessandro.

Junior Chen offered the only Abington goal that didn’t come from seniors when scoring the feed from Hinkle in the transition to rekindle the ghost’s score. The midfielder created a whirlwind on Wednesday, teaming up with Hinkle to score a 13-of22 draw control, score a goal, assist two more and collect seven ground balls.

Karaba and Gormley scored goals and each achieved a hat-trick before the break, with Ghost leading 8-3 in Karaba’s fourth tally in half-time. High-scoring attackers said the bond between advanced classes was special.

“I’ll be friends in four years. I’m scared when I come out as a freshman, but I still have girls since I was in middle school,” Karaba said. “It feels great to be with them for another four years.

“When we were shut down, we were constantly checking each other and sending text messages constantly. We all worked hard on ourselves, so when we came back, we I was ready. “

Caraba, who also has a great fall season with the women’s soccer team, scored her fifth goal to start the second half. Hinkle, who spent the first half setting goals, took over as a scorer after the break and tagged all four markers in the second half.

“We all put a lot of effort and dedication into this team,” Hinkle said. “I think it shows in the field how much we work and how much we care. We are all very grateful to have such a great program and great coaches. We are just a family.

“I made the most of what I got this year. I’m glad I did it.”

Abington 87-15

Upper Moreland 32-5

Goal-Assist: A – Lesha Karaba 5-1, Maddie Hinkle 4-4, Shea Gormley 3-0, Abby Johnson 1-3, Mei Mei Cheng 1-2, Emily Schlisman 1-0; UM – Olivia Meakim 2-1 , Reagan Cummins 1-0, Willow Taylor

Abington surpasses Upper Moreland, senior leads | Sports

Source link Abington surpasses Upper Moreland, senior leads | Sports

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