AAUW Awards Scholarships and Gateway to Equity Awards | News

Women in three regions receive college scholarships from AAUW West Chester-Chester County as part of support for a branch of non-traditional female students whose education has been interrupted due to family obligations, employment, or lack of funding I am. In addition to the annual Aris Lawson Scholarship, the branch offered a $ 1,500 award, and this year the branch added two pandemic relief scholarships, each at $ 1,400.

The winner of the Alice Lawson Scholarship is Jahlisa Washington in Downingtown. Jaleesa, the mother of her 11-year-old daughter, has completed a Science / Business Administration Associate.

He received an honors degree from Harkham University in May 2020. He is currently enrolled in Business Administration at Bloomsburg University and plans to earn a master’s degree from Temple University. Jaleesa aims to own its own food business, already named “Ja’s Kitchen”.

Her instructor at Bloomsburg University, Dr. Julie Ambrose, said Jahlisa was very motivated to combine leadership skills with outstanding intellectual abilities. Dr. Ambrose wrote: “After reading Alice Murphy Lawson’s biography, I think Mrs. Lawson enjoyed meeting and supporting Jahlisa on her educational journey. In addition, Dr. Ambrose said that Jahlisa was wise and diligent. Not only is she compassionate, she states that she is a pioneer in her efforts to advance her career.

Winners of the Pandemic Relief Scholarship are Katelyn Hollis and Nicole Carter. Funding for these two special one-off scholarships was generously donated by AAUW members as a result of the financial challenges posed by the pandemic of non-traditional female students.

Katelyn Hollis, a resident of Malvern, received a bachelor’s degree in education from Ohio University in 2011. After engaging in education, she decided to leave the field and moved to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where she became director. An orphanage, and the mother of a house for the children who live there. During the three and a half years there, she says she learned about endurance from a global perspective. When she returned to the state, Caitlin discovered a special interest in becoming a registered dietitian. She believes it is the result of her experience as an educator in Haiti. She is currently enrolled in the Immaculate Conception College of Adult Vocational School with the goal of earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition / Nutrition.

Nicole Carter, who lives in Phoenix Building, is a student at Valley Forge University and majors in early childhood education. She has been in the field for over 20 years, earning an associate degree in 2015 and now a bachelor’s degree from Valley Forge. One of her professors, Lorraine Philippo, said Nicole was exceptional in many areas, including her high level of commitment, initiative and positive attitude. Nicole, the mother of three, said she has a passion and dedication to educating young children and supporting family units. Nicole works as a chief infant teacher at Mom’s Home in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and wants to continue working with her children after graduation. She writes, “I’m looking forward to changing the world … one family at a time.”

Scholarship winners will be featured at AAUW’s May annual banquet at Thornbury Farm.

Michelle Venema, CEO of AAUW’s annual Gateway to Equity Award-winning Home of the Sparrow, was also introduced at the banquet to share information about the activities of nonprofits to help women and children find stable homes and avoid the homeless. To do. The Gateway to Equity Award honors organizations that promote AAUW’s mission to promote women’s and girls’ equity through advocacy, education and research through action and philosophy.

AAUW Awards Scholarships and Gateway to Equity Awards | News

Source link AAUW Awards Scholarships and Gateway to Equity Awards | News

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