AARP has resources for voters in Pennsylvania


The Pennsylvania primary is imminent and requires more than 50 voters to be ready to participate. Our future, and the future of our children, depends on it.

Voter turnout for Americans over the age of 50 has long been higher than any other age group. In the last midterm elections, in 2018, 56% of voters aged 45-59 and 66% of voters aged 60 and over cast ballots. This is about twice as high as some other age groups.

Americans over the age of 50 will be the decision makers for the 2022 election. Who represents us can have a significant impact on how much we pay for medicines, where we can afford to live, and where our taxes are spent.

Voters in Pennsylvania have been on roller coasters since 2020 and often receive conflicting information from the voices of Harrisburg and Washington. Can I still vote by mail? Is there a voter dropbox in my community? Do I need to show my ID to vote?

AARP Pennsylvania has created a resource to help Pennsylvania know when, where, and how to vote in the community. These include voter guides and other resources, including information on how to register, how voters request mailing or absentee voting, options for returning mailing or absentee voting, key election deadlines, and more. included. AARP also offers voter education messaging services. Simply send 22777 and a text message to “PAvotes” (or “PAvota” for Spanish-speaking voters) to register.

There are many dangers for older Pennsylvanians. AARP recommends that all voters check for useful resources at the following URL: In preparation for the May 17th vote.

Bill Johnston Walsh
AARP Pennsylvania Director

AARP has resources for voters in Pennsylvania

Source link AARP has resources for voters in Pennsylvania

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