Aaron Hicks begins to get hot on the Yankees plate

ST. Petersburg — Aaron Hicks was sitting at home just watching baseball last year. After undergoing his wrist surgery, Hicks was closed in May and all he could do was watch his teammates play.

He didn’t like it.

“I basically took a year off and didn’t play baseball,” Hicks said. “I was watching baseball at home. I don’t want to watch baseball anymore when I come back. I want to play every day. That’s what I want to do.”

Hicks may finally come back to shape after that year’s vacation.Hicks had a go-ahead triple on Monday night Yankees defeat Rays 4-2 In Tropicana Field.

“When he really polishes it and puts those pitches on the plate,” said center-fielder Aaron Judge, “he does a lot of damage to them. Trust his swing and himself. He is the only one doing what he is doing. “

After hitting .127 / .253 / .141 in 24 games in May, Hicks hit .321 / .410 / .434 in .844 OPS in 16 games in June.

It’s due to weeks of additional hitting practice and collaboration with hitting coach Dillon Lawson. They focused on getting Hicks to use the middle of the field for the right fielder and getting more launch angles on his hits.

It worked on Tuesday night.

With Josh Donaldson on first base, Hicks made a change-up from Rays relief Jason Adam to the right-wing wall, overcoming Manuel Margot’s gloves in triples. Margot was injured during the play, and Hicks said it was a mixture of emotions. He needed such a blockbuster, the Yankees just blew the lead, and now we’re back in control, but Margot was also carted from the field.

“It’s a shame to see a man injured that way,” Hicks said. “I hope he’s okay.”

Hicks then scored a left fielder with Jose Trevino’s sacrifice fly.

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It’s now some games that Hicks started to look like the Yankees signed guy $ 70 million extension for 7 years In the spring of 2019. He has a double, Yankees rampage against the Blue Jays on Friday.. He then made a single off from Toronto’s tough Jordan Romano on nine Sundays. The Yankees rally wasn’t enough..

“I’m really glad that he gave me a chance in that match with Romano, which is a really tough turn at bat for left-handers. And, following JD, it’s a really tough turn at bat away from Adam. [Monday night]”Yankees manager Aaron Boone said. “He’s really working hard to move himself and is getting some big hits here and certainly for us [Monday night] It was huge. “

Hicks, who finished with two hits on Tuesday, is fighting back from a batting average of .196 on May 19. He is currently significantly reducing .237 / .351 / .295 with two home runs and 15 RBIs in 57 games.

He is still fighting to find his place in the outfield. Hicks’ arm strength, which has been a play center almost exclusively for the past four years, is quite different from what he was before after Tommy John’s surgery in 2019.

Hicks is playing primarily on the left side this season as the judges are becoming center fielders in their daily lives. Hicks has shared time with Joey Gallo for most of the season, as Giancarlo Stanton plays from time to time.

The consistent play time he got this week is helping him come back.

“Being able to play every day is a great way to get a deeper understanding of rhythm on a particular pitch, velocity, or off-speed perception,” Hicks said. “All of that will allow us to achieve better results.”

Aaron Hicks begins to get hot on the Yankees plate

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