“A vicious GM, not a good person” – Reading Eagle

Scott Simonson grew up as a Giants fan, played in teams for two seasons 2018 and 2019, and no more frustrated while watching the disastrous 29-3 defeat to the Chicago Bears on Sunday. I couldn’t control it.

“Dave Gettleman is a vicious GM, not a good IMO,” Simonson exploded on Twitter. “The fact that he spent so much time struggling with his work while deciding the fate of others and borrowing from one of the most historically respected franchises. Is embarrassing and a powerful example of the existence of karma. “

29-year-old Simonson was a loyal reserve tight end who played 21 games and started 5 games in 2 years. He played injured and was often run-blocked by Pat Shurmur’s attack, catching a TD pass from Eli Manning in 2018.

But he said the end of his time in New York left him with a bad taste in his mouth to the organization and GM who cut him.

“In connection with the bombing of this tweet, I make it clear that my opinion is from misleading about the severity of ankle injuries.” He wrote, “Details were not disclosed and were released when the basic injury was resolved, and later they knew how much. Everything. [Gettleman] Played a role in.

“I also don’t think this is intentional, for the sake of clarity,” Simonson wrote. “I was a minimum wage carrier backup player. I wasn’t an important part of the machine, so when it got damaged, I was simply removed and replaced. But that was intentional. I’m not saying, it’s how nfl works from time to time. “

Situation-savvy sources tell the Daily News that the Giants were unaware of any more serious ankle injuries, as Simonson claims. The team put him on the injured list on August 31, 2019 with a high ankle sprain.

When he rehabilitated for the injury settlement and resigned on November 12, he played five games, during which he did not need ankle treatment, sources said. Simonson was released on February 24, 2020 after being re-injured on the concussion list on December 28, 2019 and cleared.

Anyway, it’s a natural conclusion that Gettleman is on his way out, which will fire at the end of his fourth season. Over the years, many players have spoken privately and publicly about Gettleman’s personas, performances, and the ruthless ways he releases them.

“He doesn’t even have a cojon to tell us on our face,” former Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith told Charlotte’s radio station in 2014.

Former Panthers running back to DeAngelo Williams I used to call Gettleman a “snake”.

“The general manager knows exactly what he wants,” Smith said in March. “He wants to sit in front of everyone and say,’Look at what I did.’ If he brought Alpha [receiver], Alpha is getting all the attention, not him. “

Former Giants full-back Shane Smith retweeted his remarks about Simonson’s first Gettleman, saying, “I couldn’t agree anymore … Don’t talk badly about DG as a person, spend time in New York. I really like it. But if you have multiple coaches, good players go there, and no one can succeed, there’s definitely something wrong. “

However, Elijhaa Penny, the current Giants fullback, made the exception of Smith attending the party and attending the GM and the club.

“This is lame” Penny Tweet to Smith, “To be honest, I gave up two sack against the Cowboys. GM, I’m not a nun who has nothing to do with what you put on the tape. Again, this wack.”

Simonson’s cruelly honest thoughts captured the traction he released. Longer explanation On Monday he specified that he was “not going back” to any of his previous criticisms.

“I am grateful for the opportunities that Mr. Gettleman has given me, but I still took advantage of these opportunities,” Simonson wrote. “I knew what was at stake as a role player. I wasn’t in a position to miss the game / practice. Otherwise I would be replaced, so injuring It was normal. I couldn’t “tough out” until I was injured.

“This is when my opinion began to change as they proceeded so easily without much explanation of what was really wrong,” continued the tight end. “Other priorities were taken over and my health was placed second (final cut) just to know later that they realized it was a serious injury. , I sign something that reduces the responsibility of the team. It’s an unfortunate part of this business for some people and what I’ve had a hard time learning, but that’s what it is. Thank you. . “”

“A vicious GM, not a good person” – Reading Eagle

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