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A star stunned by a “mismanaged set” with deadly prop gun shooting | Nationwide

Los Angeles (AP) — Hollywood experts are confused by the situation as Alec Baldwin remains questioned about the safety protocol of the movie set that killed the cinematographer with a propeller gun that was said to be safe. , Says the production crew has set foot immediately. Strengthen safety measures.

Jeffrey Wright, who has been involved in projects such as the James Bond franchise and the upcoming movie The Batman, said on Thursday when news of a shooting at a New Mexico ranch was reported in Westworld. I was acting with a weapon in the set. “We were all pretty shocked, and it let us know what we did from that moment,” he said in a Sunday interview at the Newport Beach Film Festival.

“I don’t remember being handed a weapon that wasn’t cleared in front of me. That is, make sure the chamber is open, the barrel is visible, the light flashes inside the barrel, and it’s cleared. I did, “says Wright. Mismanaged set. “

Shooting on the set of the movie “Last” killed 42-year-old Harina Hutchins and injured Joel Souza, who stood behind her.

According to court records, the gun used by Baldwin was one of three that a firearms expert, the “armorer,” placed in a cart outside the building where the scene was being rehearsed. .. Assistant Director Dave Halls picked up a gun from Kurt and handed it to Baldwin. Indicates that the weapon was safe By yelling “cold gun,” court documents say. However, according to records, it was loaded in a live round.

Known for his role in “30 Rock” and “The Hunt for Red October” and his impression of former President Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” Baldwin, 63, describes the killing as a “tragic accident.” increase.

Justin Min, also an actor at the Newport Festival’s “Umbrella Academy,” said on a recent set that “it was a very depressing time” because he was filming the indie thriller “Detention.”

“After that-which obviously means we’re already paying attention, but that’s just another level of precaution,” Min said.

A qualified fireworks maker and prop maker who worked in another work with assistant director Halls said she had raised safety concerns about him in the past.

Maggie Gol said in a statement that he had filed an internal complaint with Hulu’s executive producer of the “Into the Dark” series about concerns about Hall’s behavior on the set. Gol said in a telephone interview on Sunday that Halls ignored the weapons and fireworks safety protocol and tried to continue shooting after the overseeing fireworks engineer lost consciousness on the set.

Halls does not return phone or email messages asking for comment. Rust Movie Productions hasn’t responded to repeated emails asking for comments.

Deadly shootings and previous experience point to greater safety issues that need to be addressed, Gol said, crew safety and well-being are unions and majors representing film and television workers. He added that it is the most important issue in the ongoing contract negotiations with various producer groups.

“This situation isn’t about Dave Hall … it’s never the fault of one person,” she said. “It’s a bigger conversation about safety on the set and what we’re trying to achieve in that culture.”

A Hutchins rally was held in Southern California on Sunday, with attendees weeping and hugging, and speakers repeatedly calling for higher safety standards.

Actor Rosanna Arquette has joined many in Hollywood to seek a break from the use of real weapons, whether armed with blanks or bullets.

“I hope this awakens people, because there shouldn’t be any live rounds in the movie so far. We have enough CGI, we’re good enough — it’s ridiculous. “She said. “We are all at the heart of the industry about this.”

Actor Ray Liotta agreed with Wright that firearm checks are usually extensive.

“They always-I know-they check it so you can see it,” Liotta said. “They give it to the person you point the gun at, they do it to the producer, they show to the person there that it doesn’t work.”

“Rust” producer Baldwin met Hutchins’ husband and nine-year-old son on Saturday at a hotel in Santa Fe, where the actor was staying during the shoot. Baldwin and Hutchins’ husbands can be seen hugging in a photo published by the New York Post.


Flaccus reported from Portland, Oregon. Michelle Eaton of Newport Beach, California contributed to this report.

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A star stunned by a “mismanaged set” with deadly prop gun shooting | Nationwide

Source link A star stunned by a “mismanaged set” with deadly prop gun shooting | Nationwide

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