A Pottstown man sentenced to a role in the stimulant trafficking ring

NORRISTOWN — Men in Pottstown will be under court supervision for several years after acknowledging their role in the methamphetamine trafficking organization in the Pottstown region.

Robert Trebengood, 44, out of 500 blocks on West High Street, has already been 23 in county prison after pleading guilty to corrupt organization, conspiracy, and felony possession intended for delivery in Montgomery County Court. He was sentenced to 330 days in prison. Methamphetamine related to the incident that occurred between May and October 2019.

Judge Thomas C. Blanca also ordered Levengood to complete probation for five years after his parole. In other words, Levengood will be under court supervision for seven years. According to the ruling, Levengood, who listed his former address on 1000 blocks on North Warren Street, will be under supervision of substance use disorder during his parole and probationary periods.

Levengood was one of more than 12 people charged in 2019 in connection with the drug trafficking network. Many others were previously convicted of various drug-related charges.

“The investigation revealed that the subject of the investigation colluded to sell regulated substances, primarily methamphetamine, in the Pottstown area …” the county detective and Pottstown police wrote in an arrest affidavit. ..

The primary target used the United States Postal Service and “other secret methods” to obtain a controlled substance for resale from “one of the drug sources” in Long Beach, California, Newstell Marable Jr. A detective who insists.

“The main target of this study is in large quantities in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, using a network of sub-dealers who helped distribute methamphetamine to low-level traffickers and ultimately to drug end users. It was flooded with methamphetamine, “continued the detective. ..

Detectives say that methamphetamine is a powerful and highly addictive drug that affects the central nervous system and can cause rapid heart rate, elevated blood pressure, and damage to small blood vessels in the brain. Drugs are commonly abused because of their long-lasting “euphoric effect on the human body,” the detective explained in court documents.

“The study also revealed that methamphetamine trafficker Robert Levengood used multiple mobile phones or communications platforms to facilitate and ultimately operate his drug trafficking activities. The detective wrote in the criminal complaint.

According to court documents, the six-month investigation included interviews, strategic use of sensitive information providers, controlled drug purchases, human surveillance, electronic monitoring, GPS tracking, mobile data analysis, and targeted social. It contained reviews for media accounts and search warrants.

Marable, 64, formerly guilty of 2500 blocks on Parkiomen Avenue in Mount Penn, Berks County, and more recently in Long Beach, California, on suspicion of a formerly corrupt organization, processing and providing proceeds from illegal activities Intentionally owned Marijuana or Methamphetamine, conspiracy and criminal use of communications facilities related to drug organizations.

According to court records, Marable, who previously lived in Douglas (Burks), was previously sentenced to 456 days to 23 months in prison and then probated for three years.

Marable’s detective was arrested by video surveillance at the Long Beach Post Office and sent parcels to multiple addresses in and around Montgomery County. According to court documents, some of the parcels containing the controlled substances were mailed to homes on Spruce, Westsard, and Lemon Street in Pottstown.

Marable claims to have used his cell phone to communicate with his conspirators and promote his role in drug trafficking companies.

According to criminal accusations, while searching for a residence in Marable’s Long Beach on September 30, 2019, the detective seized about £ 4.8 of marijuana in his bedroom closet.

Court documents indicate that other searches were conducted in Pottstown and Franconia Township homes.

According to criminal accusations, the investigation resulted in the seizure of more than £ 5 of methamphetamine, more than £ 5 of marijuana, three pistols, and about $ 15,000 in cash.

Melvin Lee Hunt, 29, another 700-block man from Upper Providence’s Thornhill Drive, was previously convicted of possession of corrupt organization, conspiracy, and intention to provide methamphetamine, and then in state prison. Was sentenced to 5 to 10 years in prison. Marijuana, a person who does not own firearms and deals with the proceeds of illegal activities related to the organization.

Hunt, identified in court documents as one of the “main targets” of the investigation, used multiple communications platforms to promote drug trafficking. According to his arrest affidavit, Hunt communicated with his drug customer base and conspirators via a direct message between his Instagram account and his cell phone.

Some of the confiscated firearms were allegedly owned by Hunt, who was banned by law by a previous felony conviction.

County detectives and Pottstown police were assisted by investigations by the US Post Office, Federal Drug Control Agency, Pennsylvania Attorney General, Pennsylvania Police, Upper Providence Police, and West Pottsgrove Police.

A Pottstown man sentenced to a role in the stimulant trafficking ring

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