A Pottstown man admits he stole a 1775 antique rifle from the Upper Melion Museum

Philadelphia-A man in Pottstown faces a day of house arrest in prison for a day after admitting he stole an antique gun from the Valley Forge State Park Museum 50 years ago.

78-year-old Thomas Gavin, whose exact address was unknown, was sentenced to one day in federal prison under house arrest for three years in the U.S. District Court in Philadelphia, once during the first year. After pleading guilty to parole, he was sentenced to prison under house arrest. Disposal of cultural heritage objects stolen from the museum.

As part of his plea, Gavin admitted in 1971 that he had stolen a Christian Elter rifle from the Valley Forge State Park Museum in Upper Melion.

Judge Mark A. Kearney of the US District Court ordered Gavin to pay $ 23,385 for selling antique rifles dating back to the American Revolutionary War. Gavin was also fined $ 25,000.

“Stealing artifacts from museums-literally part of American history-is a serious federal crime,” said US lawyer Jennifer Arbitier Williams this week. “Forty years later, justice has finally caught up with this defendant. Thanks to the work of our law enforcement partners, the Christian Elter Rifle is back in safe and enjoyable for all Americans.”

The antique is a rare rifle that survived in 1775, made by Christian Elter, Master Gunsmith of the Gunsmith Center in the Christian Springs region of Philadelphia. According to federal authorities, the rifle is one of the two rifles that survived the original flint mechanism with the manufacturer’s name, location, and date of manufacture, and is worth over $ 175,000.

Another Christian Elter Rifle is in the Royal Collection of Windsor Castle, England.

Gavin also admitted that he had stored the rifle for over 40 years and sold it in 2018, along with other items stolen from the museum in the 1970s.

Authorities did not reveal how the antiques were recovered.

Jacqueline Magwire, a special agent in charge of the FBI’s Philadelphia division, said: “It’s been a long time since Gavin was held accountable for his actions. This incident is the FBI’s effort to protect and preserve cultural properties that help tell the story of our country. Is a great example of. “

The case was investigated by members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Art Crime Team and a detective at the Upper Melion Township Police Department, and was charged by Assistant US Attorney KT Newton.

A Pottstown man admits he stole a 1775 antique rifle from the Upper Melion Museum

Source link A Pottstown man admits he stole a 1775 antique rifle from the Upper Melion Museum

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