A new trauma-focused therapy center opens in Mannheim Township | News

Since April, Yanina Marti-Ramirez de Arellano has been providing telemedicine services to overcome the symptoms of depression, anxiety and other traumatic symptoms.

On Tuesday, July 5, 42-year-old certified bilingual play and trauma therapists will be able to assist patients face-to-face with the opening of the Encant Wellness Center at Suite 301, 255 Butler Avenue in Mannheim Township. ..

Marti-Ramirez de Arellano has been certified by the International Association for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing to perform EMDR therapy, a type of psychotherapy that helps treat long-term traumatic mental disorders, anxiety, or PTSD. It has been.

“There are similar places out there, but we don’t necessarily offer these services together and in both languages,” she said. “I learned a lot from where I worked in the past. But I worked under the vision of someone else, not myself. From experience I knew what service I wanted to offer. , Opened Encant. “

Marti-Ramirez de Arellano remembers growing up in Puerto Rico with a strong awareness of the need to help others, especially her brothers.

“I’m one of nine siblings who grew up in church, but at the age of 13, my parents divorced and somehow became a caregiver for my younger siblings,” she said. “It was difficult for me because her mother later moved to the United States when I was staying in Puerto Rico and trying to understand life for myself.”

She said her commitment as an adult to caring for and treating people as a certified bilingual play and trauma therapist is related to their early experiences.

Her vision, according to Marti-Ramirez de Arellano, is to provide a customized approach in each language to suit each individual’s needs.

“We spend time explaining and preparing our clients for treatment and all its stages,” she said.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Marti-Ramirez de Arellano worked with healthcare providers who were experiencing stress and anxiety for work, both locally and elsewhere in Pennsylvania.

“Nurses and doctors came to me because of the level of anxiety when working with patients infected with COVID,” she said. “These doctors and nurses did not quit their jobs during that time and experienced a lot of stress and anxiety about themselves.”

There were simple traumas as well as complex trauma cases, said Marti Ramirez de Allerano.

“Some people were worried about how to feed their families during the shutdown,” she said. “Others were as complicated as those who had multiple traumas since being raped.”

The center operates from Tuesday to Thursday from 10 am to 8 pm and Friday from 10 am to 5 pm and is a play that includes sensory games and toys, arts and crafts, pretend play and therapeutic hands-on activities. It has a playroom for therapy. To stimulate creativity, imagination, self-expression, and trust.

For more information, please contact 717-340-2204.

A new trauma-focused therapy center opens in Mannheim Township | News

Source link A new trauma-focused therapy center opens in Mannheim Township | News

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