A new discount grocery store coming soon to the old Arts Market in Allentown

Those looking for a well-known brand of grocery at a bargain price will soon open new stores in Allentown frequently.

Grossary Outlet is an “extreme value retailer” of high quality, well-known branded consumables and perishables sold through a network of independently owned and operated stores, 1401 at Allen Street Shopping Center in early September. It will open on Allen Street. Owner Fayez Abboud said.

The newest Lehi Valley location in the “Bargain Market” chain fills the refurbished space previously occupied by the Arts Market, which was closed in late 2021.

This will be Aboud’s second Grocery Outlet, complementing the Berks County Shillington store that has been in operation for the past five years.

Growing up on the East Side of Allentown before moving to Whitehall Township in high school, Aboud is eager to serve what he calls his hometown again.

Coincidentally, he ran a family dollar store for several years at the same Allentown shopping center before taking over the Sillington Grocery Outlet.

“I’m very excited,” said Aboud. “I’ve seen the Lee High Valley area since I hijacked Sylington. This is where I belong.”

Based in Emeryville, California, Grocery Outlet has more than 410 stores in California, Washington, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Idaho, Nevada, and New Jersey.

Over 30,000 square feet in total, the Allentown store complements more than 20 locations in Pennsylvania, including South Whitehall Township, Palmer Township, and other outposts in the Lee High Valley area in Quakertown.

“Everything new,” he said, with new flooring, ceilings, lighting, and refrigerators.

“We knocked down everything, including the floor,” Abboud said of the strip mall space decades ago that once housed the Laneco supermarket. “All the concrete will be taken and everything will be brand new.”

According to the chain’s website, Grocery Outlet stores offer “a fun, treasure-hunting shopping experience in the form of small, easy-to-navigate boxes.”

Inside the store, there is an ever-changing assortment of “WOW!” Trade with everyday staples that create customer excitement and encourage frequent visits from bargain-loving shoppers.

The flexible purchasing model of the chain allows us to offer high quality, well-known branded products at significantly lower prices than traditional retailers.

The model includes buyers shopping around the world, “traveling thousands of miles each year to find the most thrilling deals in brand-name groceries,” the company’s website message said. It has been done.

“We will procure everything from packaging changes, excess inventory, product excesses, etc. We will procure everything from fresh meat and produce to natural and organic NOSH items to incredible WOW transactions.” Continues.

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Founded by Jim Reed in 1946, Grocery Outlet sets itself apart from other grocery chains in that all stores are run by locals living in the store community.

“All stores are locally owned and operated,” he said. “We also save 40-70% on well-known brand customers, guarantee excellent customer service, and we are not thinking about starting self-checkout. That’s what we are really proud of. It’s one. In other words, it’s a one-on-one interaction with the customer. “

In addition, Grocery Outlet stores are giving back to the community, Mr. Aboud said.

For example, Aboud’s Sillington store donated $ 10,000 to $ 15,000 worth of groceries to a local food bank through the Independence From Hunger campaign, which takes place each July.

“We work with various food banks throughout the year to donate products that are close in date,” Abboud said.

The opening hours for the Allentown location have not yet been determined, but Abboud expects the store to be open most of the day, probably from 7am to 9pm.

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A new discount grocery store coming soon to the old Arts Market in Allentown

Source link A new discount grocery store coming soon to the old Arts Market in Allentown

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