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Pontiac, Michigan (AP) —Prosecutors say teenage parents accused of killing four students in a high school in Michigan, with teachers painting guns, bleeding people, and saying “help.” It is said to have been summoned a few hours before it was found. myself. “

Oakland County prosecutor Karen McDonald disclosed on Friday that he had been charged with manslaughter against Jennifer and James Cranby, parents of 15-year-old Ethan Cranby.

McDonald’s says the gun used to shoot at Oxford High School was purchased by James Cranby a week ago and given to the boy.

Ethan Cranby returned to the classroom and later came out of the bathroom and shot a gun at the students. He has been charged with murder and other charges.

McDonald’s says Jennifer Cranby sent a text message to her son, “Ethan, don’t do it.”

This is the latest news update. The previous story of AP is as follows.

Pontiac, Michigan (AP) — Michigan prosecutors told the boy’s parents, who were accused of killing four students at Oxford High School, that their actions were “far beyond negligence.” After that, he filed an unintentional manslaughter on Friday.

Jennifer and James Cranby have been charged with four manslaughter charges. Under Michigan law, unintentional manslaughter can be pursued if the prosecutor believes that someone has contributed to a high degree of harm or death. If convicted, they can face up to 15 years in prison.

“Only my parents were in a position to know access to weapons,” Oakland County prosecutor Karen McDonald said Thursday. The gun “seems to be freely available to the individual.”

Ethan Cranby, 15, shot on Tuesday at Oxford High School in Oakland County, about 30 miles (50 kilometers) north of Detroit, was charged as an adult with 20 crimes, including murder, attempted murder, and terrorism.

Four students were killed and seven more were injured. The three were in a stable condition at the hospital.

Semi-automatic rifles were legally purchased by Cranby’s father last week, according to investigators.

According to experts, even though most minors get guns from their parents’or relatives’ homes, American parents are rarely charged with school shootings involving children.

There is no Michigan law requiring gun owners to keep their weapons away from children. McDonald’s, however, suggested that there was more to build the case.

“What I can say at this point is that acting on behalf of mom and dad goes far beyond negligence,” she told WJR-AM. “We are clearly prosecuting the shooter to the maximum …. There are other individuals who should be held accountable.”

At a later press conference, McDonald’s said he hoped to have an announcement “within 24 hours.” When she charged her son on Wednesday, she was informed that Cranby’s parents were being scrutinized.

Sheriff Mike Bouchard revealed on Wednesday that his parents had met with school officials about his son’s classroom behavior just hours before the shooting.

McDonald’s said information about what was plagued the school “probably will be revealed soon.”

According to police, Cranby stayed at school on Tuesday and later came out of the bathroom with a gun and fired at the students in the hallway.

Late Thursday, the district director posted a YouTube video in which a teenager was called to the office before the shooting, but “disciplinary action was not guaranteed.”

Tim Sloan, leader of Oxford Community School, said high school looked like a “war zone” and wasn’t ready for weeks. However, he repeatedly acknowledged how students and staff responded to violence.

“It’s probably a conservative expression that I’m still shocked and paralyzed. These events that happened don’t define us,” frowns and speaks slowly. , Said in a 12 minute video.

“There’s a lot of talk about the arrested student, and I want him to know a lot, such as being called into the office. Discipline wasn’t guaranteed,” Throne said. “There is no record of discipline in high school. Yes, this student contacted our front office, and yes, his parents were on campus on November 30th.”

The throne said additional details could not be announced immediately.


White reported from Detroit. Detroit’s Associated Press journalist Mike Householder also contributed to this report.

A Michigan school shooter wrote “help” – thereporteronline

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