A man in the Huntingdon Valley facing a trial in a fatal accident of drunk driving in Cheltenham

Cheltenham — A man in the Huntingdon Valley crashes and drives under the influence of alcohol and marijuana in a car accident in Certenham, which killed a friend who was a passenger in a car at the Montgomery County Courthouse. I have to answer the accusation that I was doing. ..

Alexander Evan Koenigsberg, 19, of 2500 blocks on B. Walton Road, 19 years old, murdered by a vehicle, murdered by a vehicle, driving under the influence of alcohol and marijuana, DUI, January 23, 2022, drunk driving, reckless driving, careless driving, Speed ​​violation, exacerbation of vehicle attack during a crash that killed Abington’s 20-year-old Nicholas Bednarek.

Königsberg faces a formal prosecution hearing on the indictment in the county court on July 27, after which the judge sets the trial date. Königsberg remains unpaid bail until the end of the trial.

Drunk driving can be sentenced to three years’ imprisonment, but convicted of vehicle murder.

The investigation began at 1:34 am on January 23, when Cheltenham police responded to 1000 blocks on Greenwood Avenue with reports of vehicles colliding with utility poles. According to a criminal accusation filed by county detective David Shanes, the arriving police officers were 17 to 20 years old, with the 2006 Honda Civic and Königsberg lying on the ground outside the open driver’s door of the vehicle. I found 4 people.

“All four in the car were injured, including one woman who was partially ejected from the windshield,” Schanes claimed in an arrest affidavit.

All five car occupants were seriously injured and taken to a local hospital.

The accident killed Bednarek, who was sitting on the passenger side of the backseat with the belt off, the investigator said. According to the arrest affidavit, the autopsy killed Bednarek in “injuries from multiple blunt impacts” and the method of death was considered an “accident.”

According to court documents, a 17-year-old woman sitting unbelted in the middle of the backseat had her head protruding from her front glass to her hips, suffering from cerebral bleeding, vertebral fractures, and pelvic fractures. .. injury.

A female passenger sitting behind the driver was wearing a seatbelt and suffered spinal cord injuries, rib fractures, and internal injuries. According to court documents, a male passenger in the front seat wearing a seatbelt suffered a skull fracture, multiple spinal fractures, and extensive internal damage requiring the use of a ventilator.

Investigators noticed that Königsberg blunted his speech and noticed the smell of alcohol emanating from Königsberg.

Königsberg, who suffered a spinal injury and a clavicle fracture, was taken to a local hospital by medical helicopter, and on examination in the hospital’s laboratory, blood alcohol levels were between 0.136% and 0.165%, and legal driving restrictions. It is much higher than 0.08%. In court documents. When a blood sample taken from Königsberg was submitted to the National Medical Service, the blood alcohol concentration was 0.113%.

According to the arrest affidavit, the test also found evidence of the active ingredient in marijuana in the bloodstream of Königsberg.

The investigation revealed that the Honda Civic, operated by Königsberg, was heading north on Greenwood Avenue at about 62 mph at the time of the crash. When a Königsberg vehicle crossed a bridge with a zone of 25 mph, he is said to have lost control of the vehicle on the left curve leading to the bridge.

According to criminals, the passenger side of the vehicle hits a guardrail on the right side of the roadway, leading to a 142-foot grass area, where it hits two utility poles, one sheared near the base and the second multiple. It broke in the place of. Complaints. The car then turned 180 degrees and stopped in the southbound lane of Greenwood Avenue.

The impact force partially separated the engine room from the cabin. The vehicle airbag was deployed in the event of a collision.

Investigations revealed that Königsberg and his four passengers attended a birthday party on January 22nd, 8 pm-10pm, at a local bowling alley where alcohol was not served.

“But a friend of Königsberg … reported to the police that Königsberg had alcohol in the car he was drinking from time to time during the party and was supplying it to others at the party.” The detective insisted.

The investigation revealed that Königsberg and others were out of the party to drink alcohol in the Königsberg car. After the crash, an empty alcohol bottle was found in the car.

Authorities claimed that a friend of Königsberg reported to the detective that he tried to steal the key to the Königsberg car several times that night to stop driving, but failed.

Post-crash inspection of the Honda Civic found no mechanical problems that could cause the crash.

Approximately 10 days before the collision, Königsberg was quoted by New York State Police for speeding allegedly driving 107 mph in a zone of 65 mph, according to court documents. According to court documents, at the time of the traffic outage, police issued a ticket to Bednarek because the passengers in the Königsberg car were not wearing seat belts.

In addition, about a month before the fatal accident, Königsberg posted a video on his Instagram account showing the speedometer readings when the vehicle was moving and the camera was in the driver’s hands.

A man in the Huntingdon Valley facing a trial in a fatal accident of drunk driving in Cheltenham

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