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Coatesville — A male lawyer in Lancaster County was charged with stabbing a Coatesville police officer several times at a city convenience store.

Lancaster Michael Marinaro, who is outside the courts of the Magisterial District Court in Coatesville, said “there is no trial at this time” after client Michael White waived his right to a preliminary hearing in the September attack. Stated. ..

“It’s going to be a very difficult case. What happened is pretty tragic. But we have to look at the intent of the crime and what was happening in the minds of my clients at the time. No, “he said. He told reporters that he plans to arrange a psychiatric assessment of White to determine if mental health protection is provided. “Then we will start negotiations with the prosecution.”

On September 3, city officials William Cahill and Chris McCarthy responded to reports of internal theft at the Turkey Hill store on the city’s West Kings Highway at around 1:45 pm.

Cahill and McCarthy met with store employee White at the management office after discussing the theft charges with the store owner. They learned that the manager believed White had stolen about $ 3,000 from the cash register in the last few months. That day he faced the manager after allegedly stealing another $ 200.

White allegedly told police in an interview that he would return the money he had just stolen and the $ 3,000 he had in his safe at home. White was waiting further for him to take him home in the parking lot, so the pair told him he was free to leave to get his money back.

After a calm and professional conversation in front of others

Witness Kay Hill planned to leave the site, reaching out and waving White’s hand. However, White allegedly pushed him in and stabbed his head and face many times with a fixed 4-inch long curved-edged knife. Injured Kay Hill helped detain White with McCarthy.

Cahill was taken to Brandywine Hospital in nearby Caln and by helicopter to Reading Hospital, where the trauma unit is located.

Manheim’s 22-year-old White has been charged with attempted murder by law enforcement officers, attempted primary murder, exacerbated assault, recklessly endangering others, possession of criminal tools, and related crimes.

The procedure on Wednesday before Gregory V. Hines, Judge of the Magisterial District of Coatesville, was only a bit as White agreed to move his proceeding to the Common Pleia Court without prosecuting him in the preliminary phase. It only took time. He said almost nothing and just told Hines that he understood what he was doing.

Marinaro, who had been discussing options to abandon the hearing with White’s father and mother before the hearing, asked Hines if he would consider bail to see if his client would be released to trial. I did. He said his client had no criminal record as an adult and in his past was only a boy’s case, not a drug or alcohol addiction. He said his employment at Turkey Hill was full-time.

He has been detained without bail since his arrest in Chester County Prison.

However, District Attorney Andrea Cardamone, who is prosecuting the case, objected that White poses a risk. She pointed out that the juvenile delinquency attacked a fellow student at Mannheim Central High School with a knife.

“This was a really provocative attack on law enforcement officers,” Cardamone told Hines. “He pulled a knife to attack an officer, and it only stopped when that officer and others were able to conquer him.” She said Kay Hill had his face, scalp, and back. Said he had multiple puncture wounds.

“I think he’s a threat to the community,” she helped White. “He is currently in custody and I think that’s where he needs it.”

Hines agreed and refused bail.

Cahill, a 35-year law enforcement veteran, was relatively new to the Coatesvlle department when the attack struck. He began working there in July after retiring from the Westtown-East Gosen Regional Police Station, where he gained lieutenant status.

Cayhill was largely recovered from the injury, released from the hospital a day or so after the attack, and welcomed by dozens of fellow police officers, family and friends. But he hasn’t returned to work.

Hines allowed White to easily talk to his family in court after the hearing, and they chatted while he was handcuffed and sitting at the defense table. When they were preparing to leave, Hines allowed his mother to give him a hug, usually outside the court’s security rules. “I love you,” she told her son.

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A man in Lancaster County who attacked a Coatesville police officer abandons hearing – Reading Eagle

Source link A man in Lancaster County who attacked a Coatesville police officer abandons hearing – Reading Eagle

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