A man from Lancaster County runs for the 4th Parliamentary District

Daniel Burton believes that there is a cultural war across the United States, and he is ready to go to battle in response to that call.

“I feel I’m called the created warrior,” he said. “I feel that I am being asked to serve my country and tell the truth.”

And he wants to bring the battle to the parliamentary hall. That is the driving force behind his decision to run for seats in the Fourth Parliamentary District, which includes all of Berks County’s central, eastern, and northeastern counties and parts of Montgomery County.

Lancaster County Insurance Agency Comcast Executive Christian Nascimento For the Republican nomination at the Primary on May 17th. The winner of the Primary will face Madeleine Dean of the Democratic Party of Montgomery County, who is aiming for the third term in the general election.

“I was told that if I were to go to Washington and tell the truth, I would make a lot of enemies,” he said. “As someone who wants to tell the truth, serve everyone, and protect personal freedom, I say I will do it.”

Burton, who has never run for a state or federal position, admits that he may not have a political resume for a candidate for Congress. But he believes his outsider status distinguishes him from his enemies.

“People say I should start smaller and wait for my turn because I’ve never been in power,” he said. “But I think it’s part of the problem. People do this for personal gain, but I’m doing it because I’m called to serve.”

He also faced some questions about the fact that he didn’t live in the place he was running to represent.

Burton lives in the East Cocalico Township in northern Lancaster County, well outside the boundaries of the newly drawn Fourth District. But he pointed out that you don’t have to live in the district you’re trying to represent.

“Most people will be surprised to hear that many representatives do not actually live in the area they represent,” he said. “And as long as you serve them and tell the truth, voters don’t really care where you came from. Pennsylvania are Pennsylvania. It doesn’t matter where you live.”

Burton said he was confident that he would know better about his members if he was elected. He added that he had a good start, spending two weeks knocking on doors throughout the district to collect enough signatures to participate in the primary.

The insurance agency said that if voters sent him to Washington, his main concern would be to protect the rights of citizens.

This includes his belief that many students across the country are exposed to what they consider dangerous.

“We see many critical race theories being taught. We are watching pornography in the school library,” he said. “I see all this in our school. That was the main motivation for me to run. I see how socialism launched a full-scale attack in our school and I. We understand that we are trying to change the minds of our children. We are changing history and teaching it differently at school. “

Burton has helped reduce all federal funding to school districts that have been found to expose students to these teachings, and parents who want their children to attend schools that are in line with their values. He said he would defend.

Burton’s other priority is to adopt a cancel culture.

“If it doesn’t fit the story of the day, censorship of different ideas and opinions can be found everywhere,” he said. “These different people are censored on social media. To tell the truth, you must be able to tell it.”

He said freedom of speech is being attacked, and because of this people have little place to find the truth.

“Freedom of speech should not be violated, as it controls what we hear and see at the moment they dominate our speech,” he said. “We see this systematically and dramatically in all factions of our country and around the world. If all our news agencies are owned by the same large conglomerate, they How can you trust what you are saying? “

US representatives serve a two-year term and receive an annual salary of $ 174,000.

Meet the candidate

candidate: Daniel Burton, 44, Lancaster County.

Required position: US House of Representatives in District 4, including parts of Montgomery County and all of Berks County’s central, eastern, and northeastern parts.

Current salary for the position: $ 174,000.

Background: Burton is an insurance agent for State Farm in Lancaster County. Prior to selling insurance, he worked for Enterprise Rent-A-Car for 14 years, overseeing various district offices throughout the region. He served in the Marine Reserve for four years and then in the Pennsylvania National Guard for another two years. He holds a degree in crime, law and justice from Pennsylvania State University.


A man from Lancaster County runs for the 4th Parliamentary District

Source link A man from Lancaster County runs for the 4th Parliamentary District

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