A man accused of the death of a 4-year-old Towamenshin girl begins trial – Mainline Media News

Norristown — Her “secretly” sacrificed Hatfield man fatally beats his girlfriend’s 4-year-old daughter in 2016 at the then-shared Towamenshin’s house. , Strangled. The prosecutor insisted on the jury.

“The defendant has secretly sacrificed this vulnerable girl. Child abuse has been done in secret and prospered in secret,” he said.

Thomas, 35, of 1300 blocks in the Needam Circle, was charged with one and three murders that endangered the welfare of children and exacerbated assault in connection with the death of four on October 18, 2016. Facing Kylie Banlaut, the daughter of Thomas’ girlfriend.

“During her short life, four-year-old Kylie Banlaut was beaten, beaten, and finally killed by this defendant … Marquis Thomas,” Ringwood pointed directly to Thomas. I sat at the defense table. “This defendant almost escaped in murder.”

The cause and method of Kylie’s death was originally described as “undecided,” but investigators said the girl’s brother was treated at the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital on September 15, 2018, on suspicion of being injured by child abuse. Ringwood said he had reviewed the case. Jury. According to Ringwood, when the boy was taken to CHOP by his mother with a similar injury to Kylie, he raised a red flag on medical personnel and detectives and resumed investigations into Kylie’s death.

In addition, Thomas faces charges that endangered, strangled, and exacerbated assault of children’s welfare in connection with the alleged physical abuse of Kylie’s eight-year-old brother in September 2018. increase.

“Evidence of this case shows that he was the one who secretly hurt these children,” said Ringwood, who is prosecuting the case with District Attorney Edward F. McCann Jr. Insisted.

However, defendant lawyer Matthew W. Quigg is sufficient to prove that the prosecutor injured the children he was raising, even though Thomas was not his biological child. Claimed to have no evidence. Thomas and the victim’s mother also share a young daughter.

“Marquis Thomas is a father, son, and brother. He was not a biological father, but treated them like his own father,” Quigg claimed in his opening statement to the jury. ..

Quigg suggested that the girl’s injuries, including a bruise to her torso, could have been caused by Thomas trying to perform CPR on his child while suffering from a medical emergency.

“Mr. Thomas gave her CPR without training,” Quigg insisted.

The conviction of a first-class murder, a deliberate murder, has sentenced him to life imprisonment.

The conviction of a third-class murder, a maliciously committed murder, has sentenced him to a maximum sentence of 20 to 40 years in prison.

Thomas has previously acquitted all charges and maintained his innocence. Quigg did not reveal whether Thomas would testify during the trial.

The previous trial of Judge William R. Carpenter is expected to last about four days.

The first investigation into Kylie’s death came at around 7:51 am on October 18, 2016, when Towamenshin police responded to the residence of Forgegate Apartments on Snyder Road for a report of an unresponsive 4-year-old girl. It started in. Upon arrival, police were guided to the bedroom by the child’s mother and observed Thomas performing CPR in Kylie, according to criminal accusations filed by county detective Gregory Henry and detective Patrick Horn of Towamensin.

“There was a dark and clear bruise on her lower chest and abdomen,” Sergeant Jeffrey Wayne Wright of the Towamensin Police told the jury about his observations.

According to court documents, the girl was later sentenced to death at Abington Healthlandsdale Hospital at 8:33 am.

During the investigation, Kylie’s mother told the detective that she had no bruise or other injuries when she bathed and laid her child on the eve of October 17. The woman told the detective that she had arrived at work at 3:50. According to the criminal accusation, she received a text message from Thomas on October 18th, around 8am, stating that Kylie would “not wake up.”

According to the arrest affidavit, when Kylie’s mother arrived home, she tried to awaken her child and called 911 after learning that Thomas had not asked for help.

“Note that he didn’t. You’ll never hear this defendant call 911. Ask yourself why,” Ringwood insisted.

The prosecutor played a recording of the 911 phone call that the victim’s mother made to the jury.

“My daughter doesn’t wake up. She was fine last night. She seems cold. She’s not breathing, nothing,” the distraught woman told rescuers.

According to court documents, the girl’s mother noticed that Kyrie’s skin was cold and described it as “red saliva” on her shirt and bed. At the request of the 911 dispatcher, Thomas began performing chest compressions on the girl until police and emergency medical personnel arrived.

According to the arrest affidavit, when Thomas was interviewed, he would wake up at about 7:44 am to go to Kylie’s room, and she wouldn’t wake up so she would sit in bed and “shake” to wake her up. I told the detective. Thomas is said to have told the detective that he noticed that Kyrie’s skin was cold.

According to the arrest affidavit, Thomas claimed to have observed Kylie’s bruise while her girlfriend was turning her child into bed on October 17.

A review of Kylie’s medical history was evaluated at CHOP on September 4, 2016 by a physician who identified bleeding in both eyes, a bruise under the left eye, a tongue injury consistent with a bite, and two healing rib fractures. I made it clear. According to criminal accusations, there are multiple wounds on her torso.

According to testimony, doctors considered injuries related to child abuse.

After the child’s death on October 18, a medical examination conducted by Dr. Marianne Hamel of the Coroners Office in Montgomery County confirmed contusions, skin abrasions and scars, bleeding in the right eye, bleeding in the soft tissue of the neck, and lacerations. .. Bleeding in the heart and liver, stomach and bladder, according to court documents.

At that time, Hamel described the cause and method of Kyrie’s death as “undecided.”

Quigg told the jury that he would call Hamel as a witness during the trial.

“Dr. Hamel looked at everything and said,’I don’t know how this little girl died,'” Quigg insisted.

However, the prosecutor said that Kylie’s brother was admitted to CHOP on September 15, 2018, and the examination identified bleeding in both eyes and a bruise under the right eye, and the evaluation was fundamental to explain the boy’s condition. He said no medical or accidental cause was identified. Criminal accusation.

Doctors said the boy’s injury was “consistent with the trauma inflicted / physical abuse of the child.” At that time, the boy lived in Hatfield with his mother and Thomas.

In February 2019, authorities interviewed an eight-year-old boy and revealed that Thomas had repeatedly “suffocated” him. According to the arrest affidavit, the boy then observed Kylie walking to the bathroom with Thomas the night before Kylie’s death, revealing that the girl was crying.

The detective resumed investigating Kyrie’s death.

Ringwood indicated that the coroner would refute Hamel’s previous findings and present the findings of Dr. Samuel P. Grino, a Philadelphia forensic pathologist. Dull impact trauma and strangulation “and dominated the murderous death.

When CHOP pediatrician Dr. Cindy Christian reviewed the original 2016 autopsy report on Kylie on Monday, she was shocked, the child’s injury was the result of physical abuse of the child, and death was inflicted. He said it was the result of the trauma that was done.

The detective concluded that Kyrie was “care, custody, and control” shortly before Thomas was found dead.

“The injury she suffered at that time was consistent with the trauma inflicted, especially the blunt trauma and strangulation,” Henry and Horn wrote in an affidavit of arrest.

The detective further claimed that when Thomas did not seek medical assistance for the girl on October 18, Kylie instead advised her girlfriend in the text that she was unresponsive, saying, “This omission is Thomas’ distance from the event. It was an attempt to avoid it. 911 Answers to quick questions by the operator. “

A man accused of the death of a 4-year-old Towamenshin girl begins trial – Mainline Media News

Source link A man accused of the death of a 4-year-old Towamenshin girl begins trial – Mainline Media News

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