A man accused of shooting a West Norriston police officer in Norristown faces a trial

Norristown — A Philadelphia man must respond to a Montgomery County Court charge allegedly shooting and killing an off-duty West Norriston police officer during a turmoil in Norristown.

Otis James Kendrick Jr., 18, of 900 blocks in East Church Lane, was charged with attempted murder, weighted assault, and weighted assault with deadly weapons after a preliminary hearing in front of the District Justice Margaret Hansiker. I was ordered to stand in court. In connection with the alleged November 10, 2021 incident on East Airy and Penn Streets in Norristown, it is not possible to carry firearms without a license, carry weapons, and recklessly endanger others. can not.

Kendrick, who remains in county prison on behalf of $ 250,000 on bail, faces a hearing in county court on February 16, after which a judge schedules a trial date.

Assistant District Attorney Roderick Fancher III has charged the case. Attorney Jeffrey Azarano represents Kendrick.

The investigation began at 9:48 am on November 10, and Norristown police were dispatched to report shootings on East Airy Street and De Kalb Street.

County detective Anthony Casso and Norristown detective Charles Leeds.

Marano was airlifted to Penn Presbyterian Hospital in Philadelphia for wound healing. Marano was an off-duty West Norriton police officer, “when the incident happened, he was unarmed, dressed in civilian clothes, and driving a private car,” the detective claimed in court documents. ..

Witnesses described the shooter and said he had walked south on Decalve Street to the Norristown Transportation Center. According to court documents, Bridgeport officers heard a radio transmission about the subject running towards the transport center, and Kendrick was finally detained after a short foot chase.

Marano tells the detective that while driving west on Airy Street in a van, he observes an unknown Kendrick slowly crossing the road in front of him, and Marano sees the left lane to the right lane. He said he was forced to move to. According to criminal accusations, he hands over the lane to avoid hitting Kendrick.

“When Marano switched lanes, he honked the male. Marano suddenly heard a big bang on his car. Marano didn’t know what had happened, so he stopped the van. I went out to see what had happened, “Casso and Leeds claimed in an affidavit of arrest.

As soon as he left the van, Marano confronted Kendrick verbally, and Marano noticed that Kendrick was hiding his right hand in front of his waistband.

“They engaged in verbal discussions,” the detective claimed, and Marano did not initially observe the firearms, but Kendrick believed that he had firearms based on his actions.

Fearing his safety, the detective repeatedly told Kendrick to let go of his pants.

“When Marano and Kendrick stood about five feet apart, Marano observed Kendrick pulling a silver pistol in front of his waistband. Marano approached Kendrick and pulled his right arm. Kendrick was able to lift the pistol over Marano’s head, push the pistol to the left side of his back, and fire a bullet at Marano’s body, “Casso and Leeds claimed.

According to the arrest affidavit, Marano was able to wrestle with Kendrick’s black 9mm car model CW9 firearm, and Kendrick escaped from the scene on foot.

Authorities claimed that the investigation had decided that Kendrick did not have permission to carry firearms. According to court documents, the investigation revealed that the firearms had no registered owner.

According to court documents, witnesses told the detective that he had observed a man identified as Kendrick discussing on Airy Street with a woman who told Kendrick that she would leave him. Witnesses claimed that Kendrick went out into the street and hit the side of a stopped white van. Witnesses watched the van driver get out of the car, two men began a quarrel, and a man identified as Kendrick pulled out a gun and heard a single shot, he told the detective. ..

According to court documents, other witnesses saw the case unfold and reported similar compliance.

A man accused of shooting a West Norriston police officer in Norristown faces a trial

Source link A man accused of shooting a West Norriston police officer in Norristown faces a trial

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