A guide to overcoming sadness

Rebecca sofa After losing my parents in my thirties, I wish I had a handbook on how to mourn.When trying to navigate her deep sorrow alone, she ended up creating a website Modern loss, It has become a global community for people experiencing sorrow to share and support each other. In her new book Modern Loss Handbook: An interactive guide to overcoming sadness and building resilience, Soffer provides tools, exercises and advice to survive the loss. This is what she learned from her own experience, therapists, researchers and Modern Loss members. She joins Soffer to talk about different ways people mourn, how to eradicate the stigma around them, how to respect the memories of loved ones and how to manage their personal lives in mourning.former Colbert show Producer, she also shares how humor is an essential tool in her sadness process.

A guide to overcoming sadness

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