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garbage. Everyone has it, but not everyone disposes of it properly. Everything from recycling to garbage picking can vary from community to community. Some areas have garbage everywhere, while others are clean. It is clear that garbage education is not equal in all areas of the city. That’s where YaFav Trashman comes in.

Terrill Haigler worked for 14 months as a worker in the Philadelphia Street Division. He was responsible for picking up the trash in the city. While there, he noticed a serious lack of communication between the department and the inhabitants. Residents did not know when garbage picking was delayed or the schedule changed.

Heigler also found that residents were not properly educated about how to dispose of certain trash, and in many cases the trash was not picked up, causing frustration. At that time, YaFav Trashman was born. Heigler launched an Instagram page @_yafavtrashman to let residents see what the sanitary workers experienced during the pandemic and to inform them about garbage picking.

“There was this older woman when I was a root hygiene worker. I think she was probably in the mid-80s or early 90s. When I put her can back down the street, she shuffled. And grab one can and shuffle. After a few times, I said what you know, I just put your can in your pouch for you one day. She was like my favorite trash can. When I made Instagram, I kept listening to her voice over and over again, “said Heigler about how he came up with his name. say.

The need for Hygler to launch Instagram and communicate with the inhabitants arose from frustration in the midst of a pandemic. As more people were at home, there was more garbage. “No one knew what day of the week we were. No one knew how to recycle. There were so many frustrations, so many misunderstandings, and so many misinformation. When I said something to senior management, they said it was like that forever, “says Heigler.

But this time, unlike that, the world was in a pandemic of people evacuating to their homes and a record amount of garbage piled up. There was more trash on the street, and the inhabitants were frustrated and walking in the trash pile in their neighborhood. Heigler decided to play his part in helping solve the problem. From here the defense of his cleanup began. His Instagram currently has 31.5 thousand followers.

Heigler has talked a lot since he picked up trash in Philadelphia. A resident has pulled out a gun and tried to get rid of non-recyclable trash. “Making it angry in your trash because you don’t have the information to me was a signal that I had to do something,” says Heigler.

Some communities are informed and educated about how to properly dispose of garbage, while others do not. Garbage that sanitary workers cannot pick up stays on the street, creating a messy environment. Trickle down effect.

People are unaware that grease-distorted pizza boxes cannot be recycled and that glass containers need to be rinsed. There are numbers under every PET bottle, and some people don’t know that different communities are recycling only certain numbers.

YaFavTrashman has begun advocating for garbage on Instagram and has released a children’s book to start this educational process early. Heigler said: I have talked with my kids about littering, but their reaction was really negative. So I’m for kids to ignite a positive interaction with waste and recycling, advocate the importance of sanitary workers, and teach kids why they need to keep their communities clean. I decided to write a book. “

The title of this book is “Im Cool Too” and Hygler uses it to raise funds for public schools in Philadelphia. $ 5 from all books sold will be donated to the Philadelphia school district. His goal is to sell 200,000 copies so that he can donate $ 1 million to a school in Philadelphia.

For more information, please pre-purchase at the following URL. And follow Instagram @_YaFavTrashman..

A Germantown man teaches garbage education through Instagram and children’s books | Lifestyle

Source link A Germantown man teaches garbage education through Instagram and children’s books | Lifestyle

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