A family in Florida with a family in Lancaster are worried about their relatives.Former Local Resident Discusses Impact of Hurricane He Ian | Local News

For Tamar Ortiz, Hurricane Ian brought back memories she’d rather forget.

“When the tornado warning went off around 1:30 a.m., she got really nervous, her anxiety levels went up, and it brought back memories of what she had experienced during Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico,” said Ortiz’s daughter. said Omaris Garrido on Friday. “She was very vulnerable.”

Garrido, 52, and Ortiz, 80, live in Pembroke Pines in Broward County, 23 miles northwest of Miami and about 127 miles southeast of Fort Myers Beach in Lee County. worst devastation.

Ortiz has two other daughters. She is Iris Rachael Garrido, who lives in Dania City Beach, and Ruth Garrido, who lives in New Holland, in Broward County. Dania City Beach is located approximately 25 miles northeast of Miami and 131 miles southeast of Fort Myers Beach.

On Friday, Ruth Garrido, 57, shared how her family in Florida is doing well in the aftermath of Ian.

“I know none of my family was flooded, but one of my elderly uncles still doesn’t have electricity,” she said. “But they are safe.”

Forecasters predicted storm surges and flooding after a resurgent Hurricane Ian hit the South Carolina coast on Friday and a powerful storm wreaked havoc in Florida, the Associated Press reported.

Rescue workers maneuvered boats on Thursday and walked down riverside streets to save thousands of Floridians trapped inside flooded homes and buildings. DeSantis said at least 700 rescues were carried out on Thursday involving the U.S. Coast Guard, National Guard and urban search and rescue teams.

“We’ve had a lot of rain here and a few tornadoes have landed, but it hasn’t hit like it does on the West Coast,” said Iris Rachel Garrido, 49, a former board member of the Columbia School District in Florida. said on Friday.

But for a mother living in Puerto Rico, which was devastated by Hurricane Maria in 2017, Ian was a traumatic experience.

“Mom lived there alone until now,” said Iris Rachel Garrido. “She ran away from Fiona, but Ian showed up here. All that trauma affected her.”

Ortiz moved to Florida a week before Hurricane Fiona hit the island on September 18th.

Janice and Tyler Meyerhoffer live in Palm Bay, Brevard County, 74 miles southeast of Orlando and 209 miles northeast of Fort Myers Beach.

A former Lancaster Township couple said they were lucky to get the tail end of the storm.

“Lots of rain and wind, debris outside, but no flooding. Some of our relatives in the area lost power and are still without power. said 31-year-old Janice Meyerhoffer. “Our whole city is flooded, trees are down, there is no power and no streetlights.”

Mannheimers David Seda’s parents live in Wimauma, Hillsboro County, about 30 miles southeast of Tampa and 148 miles northwest of Fort Myers Beach.

“I was a little worried about how much the news was saying about the severity of the hurricane,” Seda, 33, said on Friday. I didn’t know how close it was to

In a text message Wednesday, Seda’s parents said they were fine, although there were intermittent power outages and the area experienced a fair amount of rain and high winds. The family is still out of power. Naples is in Collier County, 27 miles southeast of Fort Myers Beach.

https://lancasteronline.com/news/local/lancaster-residents-with-family-in-florida-worry-about-relatives-former-locals-talk-about-the-effects/article_c1faedae-4103-11ed-9bca-d3af214b027e.html A family in Florida with a family in Lancaster are worried about their relatives.Former Local Resident Discusses Impact of Hurricane He Ian | Local News

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