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A family friend says the gunman in the supermarket was a sushi restaurant | Work

Collierville, Tennessee (AP) —The shooter who killed one and injured 14 at a grocery store in Tennessee was the son of a refugee from Myanmar who worked at a sushi restaurant in the store and settled in Nashville. A family friend said on Friday. ..

The shooter was identified by police as UK Thang, a “third-party vendor” that police said he worked routinely at Kroger in Collierville. He died of an apparently self-harming gunshot wound within minutes of police arrival at Kroger, a high-class suburb on the outskirts of Memphis.

According to police, the victims included 10 employees and 5 customers. On Friday, some of the injured were still in crisis and were fighting for their lives, Collierville police chief Dale Lane said at a morning press conference.

Lane identified the murdered woman as Olivia King.My friend said Commercial appeal She was the mother of three widow.

On Facebook, Wesking, one of King’s sons, wrote that he spoke to a trauma surgeon and learned that his mother had been shot in the chest.

“They tried to save her in the hospital but it didn’t help,” he wrote. “I apologize for the details of the graphics, but this kind of crime needs to stop being overlooked and detoxified. No one deserves this.”

Police searched the shooter’s house on Thursday and removed the electronics.

“We all want to know why,” Lane said of the shooter’s motives. “But today, within 24 hours (after shooting), we’re not ready to tell you that.”

According to Aung Kyaw, a family friend who came to pray with them at home on Friday, the shooter’s parents lived in Nashville and are part of a community of Christian refugees from Myanmar who settled there. ..

Kyaw said Thang had a sushi business operating within Collierville Kroger, although he wasn’t sure what the deal with the grocery chain would look like.

Kyaw said Thang’s parents were “very angry” with his son’s involvement and were praying for everyone involved.

“His mom is very sad,” Kyaw said. “She is tired.”

Kyaw came to the door of his parents’ house at the end of a dead end in the Antioch district of Nashville. On Friday morning, a car spilled onto the street and a dozen pairs of shoes were scattered on the landing outside the door.

Kyo said he didn’t know his son personally.

Police said the shooter was acting alone as he was rampaging the building on a sunny Thursday afternoon, but did not appear to be targeting anyone in particular. The entire shoot was completed within minutes as the first responders flocked to the scene.

Lane said the results might be worse. Police received a phone call about the shooting at around 1:30 pm, arrived shortly, and found several people with gunshot wounds as they entered the building, he said.

He said officers of all classes smashed into the building, adding off-duty firefighters.

“No one wants to be in the scene, I can promise,” Lane said. We are asking for help there. “

Jason Rusk, 39, had just left the tool shop next to Kroger when he heard a woman screaming about a shooter in the parking lot. He didn’t see the shooter, but he heard 10 to 15 rounds in a row at the grocery store.

“They sounded right above my head,” he said, adding that he could feel the concussion of every shot and knew the weapons were powerful.

“When the firing started, I jumped into the ground in front of my car, covered myself to the fullest, panicked, tried to get into the car, and instructed me to actually hide instead of getting into the car. “He said.

Earlier this year, Tennessee became the latest state to allow most adults over the age of 21 to carry a pistol without first completing state-level background checks and training. The bill was signed by Republican Governor Bill Lee over objections from some law enforcement groups, and gun control advocates said the bill could lead to increased gun violence. I was worried.

Lee said Friday that the new law has strengthened the penalties that come into effect in the event of a violent crime.

“The constitutional carry bill applies to citizens who comply with the law. What happened yesterday was criminal activity, violent criminal gun activity. These are other issues. The constitution we passed. The carry bill above is, in fact, a violent gun criminal, and we need to keep finding ways to attack violence and violent crime, and we keep going. “

Kroger Co, based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Issued a statement on Friday confirming that the shooter was a third-party vendor, but did not provide additional details.

According to the statement, the Collierville store will be closed until further notice, but employees will continue to be provided with salaries and other support.


Mattise and Loller reported from Nashville, Tennessee. The Associated Press author Carrie Antlfinger in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and New York news researcher Jennifer Farrar contributed to this report.

Copyright 2021 AP communication. all rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without permission.

A family friend says the gunman in the supermarket was a sushi restaurant | Work

Source link A family friend says the gunman in the supermarket was a sushi restaurant | Work

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