A curly hair-only salon just opened in Philadelphia


Curly hair specialist Tori McCutcheon cuts and colors natural rock at the newly opened Headhouse Square studio.

Tori Did That, a natural hair salon owned by Tori McCutcheon from Philadelphia, cuts and colors curly hair clients at Head House Square. / Photo courtesy of Tori McCutcheon

Hair stylist from Philadelphia Tori McCachon I first started focusing on curly hair three years ago. At the time, she worked at one of Rittenhouse’s luxury spas and was the only colored woman on the team. McCutcheon recalls that she was often tokenized as a “black hair stylist” in the salon. At the salon, we did not educate our employees about natural hair and mainly dealt with white clients. “I realized I wanted a more comprehensive space for myself, not just my clients,” she says.

So McCutcheon learned how to handle curly hair from YouTube videos and began practicing with family and friends. Once she got used to crafting, she started posting her work on Instagram to build strong local support. Within a few months, she says her book is full.

When the pandemic broke out, McCachon had the opportunity to venture on his own and pave the way for his salon. In June, her studio under the brand “Tori Did That” officially opened in Headhouse Square.

Interior of McCatchon’s Headhouse Square Studio. / Photo courtesy of Tori McCutcheon

Tori Did That provides cuts for clients over the age of 11 and cuts for children under the age of 10 one day a month. McCutcheon also offers color services to clients who have styled in the last 6 months. The new return, Curly’s — her client Monica — will receive hair detox, deep conditioning treatments and styling in the space of one client at a time, in addition to custom cuts. But to personalize the salon experience. “I think there are many stylists today who don’t yet understand that textured hair is offered in different forms,” she says. “I have my clients wash their hair and let it air dry when they come in. I want to see the curls in their true form, so I can work with them according to how they usually wear their hair. can.”

In addition to her professional experience in the industry, another driving force behind McCutcheon’s opening of a curly hair-only studio was the difficulty faced with her upbringing and finding a natural hair specialist. .. “As a black woman, I grew up without knowing how to take care of my natural hair,” she says. “I was always getting a relaxer because curly hair was said to look bad. Later, when I stopped applying heat and my natural hair became more comfortable, I went to the salon. I wanted to go and wash and blow it off before I cut my hair. I don’t think I need to manipulate it to extremes just to cut my hair. “

McCutcheon says the curly hair community is growing, but there is still a lot of progress both locally and nationally, especially in the area of ​​inclusive training of staff and increasing recruitment of diverse stylists. She hopes her space will contribute to the evolution of the industry.

You can make a reservation at Tori Did That here..

Tori Did That is located on 401 South 2nd Street in Headhouse Square.

A curly hair-only salon just opened in Philadelphia

Source link A curly hair-only salon just opened in Philadelphia

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