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Westchester — A man in Coatesville is accused of killing two women and a fetus, and the charges play a dramatic video featuring gunshots heard in the Valley district, where three were allegedly killed on Tuesday. did.

This video was shot from a surveillance camera in a house within a mile of where the woman was found, each shooting the body and face multiple times, and recorded shortly after another camera shot the man identified as the accused. it was done. — Mamadou Kallie — Chasing a pair in his car.

Nothing was clear in the grainy black-and-white video, except for the almost unmistakable sound of tire squeaking and ammunition slamming during playback. Shots sometimes echoed rapidly and continuously, and at other times separated them in seconds. During the shooting, I heard a faint scream of a woman’s voice.

23-year-old Kallie was tried on all charges after a three-hour preliminary hearing in front of Parkesburg’s Magical District Judge Nancy Gill, who filed a proceeding at the Chester County Justice Center.

Curry has been charged with two murders once, two murders three times, fetal murder, exacerbation of assault, car robbery, police escape and escape, child welfare dangers, and related charges. .. Due to the nature of the charges in Chester County Prison, he has been detained without bail.

Wearing a long-sleeved white T-shirt and green prison trousers, Kallie did not address the court during the procedure. He remained fairly calm when he heard testimony about the deaths of the two women he was involved in, but apparently paid particular attention to the record of 10 shootings. Kimberly Ortiz Zayas, 21, was pregnant at the time of her death and is allegedly pregnant with Curry’s child. Tiara Rodriguez Diaz, 20, was shared with Curry by her 22-month-old son. shot.

His lawyers (Public Defender Assistant David Miller, Erin Bruno, James McMullen) declined to comment after the hearing. Miller, the lawyer’s chief lawyer, did not discuss the alleged murder of Curry.

Later, standing outside the courtroom was Valley Police Chief Glenn Eckman, who said police and the community had gathered to help resolve the case, despite the “terrifying” nature of the double murder. ..

“The amount of work done by county detectives, all support agencies, and people in the community is, very frankly, very much appreciated by everyone in the valley,” he said.

Gil has set a formal prosecution date for Curry on July 21st. At that time, the district attorney had to inform him if he was going to seek the death penalty. After the hearing, district attorney Fat Ryan said no decision had been made on it.

“We are still discussing this with our family,” Ryan said in an email.

In order to obtain the death penalty for a first-class murder conviction, the prosecutor must show that the exacerbating factors (the situation that makes the murder more vicious) outweigh all the mitigation factors (the situation that favors the defendant). It will not be. Specifically, prosecutors have about 18 reliable aggravating factors to seek the death penalty under state law.

In this case, there are three exacerbating factors that may apply to Curry when seeking the death penalty.

First, the killings occurred during a felony offense. In this case, it is a crime of other murders or endangering the welfare of the child, in this case a felony. Curry is said to have committed murder while a 22-month-old child with Rodriguez Diaz was in the car.

Second, while committing the murder, the defendant deliberately created a serious death risk for others, in this case young children, in addition to the victims of the crime. And finally, at the time of the killing, the victim was in the third semester of pregnancy, or the defendant knew about the victim’s pregnancy. In a criminal accusation against Kallie, Ortiz Zayas was reported to have been five months pregnant when she died, and Kallie told her witnesses that she knew she had a baby.

The hearing featured testimony from a Coatesville officer who responded to a clear discussion between Rodriguez Diaz and Curry outside his home on Pleasant Street in Coatesville. A nearby valley.

Corporal Christopher McCarthy asked Gil about a question from senior deputy district attorney Carlos Baraza, and when he arrived, the debate between the two seemed to have subsided, and they decided to go on different paths. He said he was forgiven. -Rodriguez-The eldest son who was placed at Toyota in Diaz and was driven away.

The encounter happened around 9:20 pm on May 29th. About 30 minutes later, McCarthy said he received a radio call for help at the scene of the “Road Rage” accident where he heard the shooting. When he arrived, he found a woman, Ortiz Zayas, outside Toyota, and a second woman, Rodriguez Diaz, behind the steering wheel. Neither showed any signs of life.

McCarthy also testified that he found a black baseball cap near Ortiz Zayas’s body. He told Baraza that it was similar to what Curry wore in a previous encounter, and the defendant was shown to be wearing it in a photo taken earlier in the day.

The first video played for Chief Investigator Chester County Detective Robert Baltunis by Deputy District Attorney Erin O’Brien, who is prosecuting the case with Baraza, is from Victoria Drive, a Regency Park development where Ortiz Zayas lived. It’s a scene. The video was pulled up by Toyota of Rodriguez-Dias, Ortiz Zayas climbed into the passenger seat, and after a while, the Ford Edge SUV, where Curry was seen driving before, appeared and dressed like him. Someone jumped out and was on the passenger side of the car.

Toyota drove it away, followed by Ford Edge.

The second video was shot from Marquis Drive’s home camera, a dead end overlooking Glen Crest Drive, just a few hundred yards away. There doesn’t seem to be any visible features, but at around 9:52 pm (two minutes after Ford was seen leaving Victoria Drive), the tires slipped and then the gunshots were heard.

In his testimony, Baltunis told O’Brien that he went to the scene of Karn later that night. There, police in Westchester, Downingtown, and Karn hunted down Curry, who carjacked her car from her childhood friend after her shooting. Try to escape.

Westchester police officer Matthew Simcox delivered him a 9mm semi-automatic pistol from Torus, he said. He said he found two unused bullets in a gun that had twelve.

The other 10 cartridges, the number of shots heard in the video, were missing.

To contact staff writer Michael P. Rerahan, call 610-696-1544.

A Coatesville man accused of murdering the mother of his child, who was tried for double murder – Daily Local

Source link A Coatesville man accused of murdering the mother of his child, who was tried for double murder – Daily Local

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