A Berks County jury finds a man guilty of robbery while reading

A temple man who said police robbed a man in Reading and later led a police officer in high-speed vehicle pursuit was convicted of robbery by a Berks County jury on Thursday and sentenced to state prison. ..

According to police, Chad M. Goldsborough, 29, 600 blocks on the Fifth Street Highway, received money from Reading’s victims after threatening to seriously injure him in February 2021.

When his arrest warrant was issued and police attempted to arrest him on March 31, 2021, he led them to a high-speed chase on Route 12, and he crashed, police said.

Police caught him near the crash site just east of River Road after a short foot chase.

After a two-day trial in front of Judge Paul M. Yatron, the jury convicted him of felony robbery and harassment in the first case.

Yatron sentenced him to five to ten years in state prison.

The jury admitted that he was not guilty of one theft due to illegal use.

Goldsborough has been in jail since April 2021 and has earned 343 days of credit for his working hours.

According to the police:

On March 31, 2021, Wyomissing police officers found a man believed to be Goldsborough at a convenience store on North Park Road, who had been wanted on suspicion of robbery in Reading.

Police officers called the county dispatcher to run the Goldsborough name in the law enforcement database to verify the warrant.

Police officers then contacted a criminal investigator in Wyomissing to confirm that the man in the store was Goldsborough. The officer wore plain clothes and entered the store, confirming that it was Goldsborough.

Both officers met state soldiers across the street. Goldsborough and his female companion left the store and boarded a car heading west on Spring Street.

Patrolman and Trooper tracked the car in a marked patrol vehicle and turned on emergency lights and sirens.

The Goldborough car turned to the eastbound access ramp on Route 12, accelerated, and left the police car, which was traveling at 80 mph.

Goldsborough lost control after lunch on National Highway 12 due to heavy traffic at the River Road exit. Goldsborough escaped from the car, leaving behind injured passengers.

Police ordered Goldsborough not to move, but he went through some trees to the railroad tracks. Both Wyomissing officers chased him and detained him.

The policeman ordered the passengers to get out of the car, but she said she couldn’t because her arm broke in the collision.

Smoking the car helped her get out of the car. She was taken to a leading hospital for treatment.

It was unclear if Goldsborough needed treatment.

Goldsborough robbed a man at 900 blocks on North Ace Street, threatening to hurt a man of about $ 700, according to reading police. Goldsborough met the victim as a notarial after agreeing to buy a car from the victim on Facebook Marketplace, but traded because Goldsborough did not have the required ID. Could not be completed.

Frustrated, Goldsborough called an unidentified male friend who arrived shortly after, and the pair confronted the victim.

Fearing that the victim could be harmed, he took out his wallet and removed the $ 700 just paid by his employer.

Except for the case where Goldsborough tried to escape from the police. In that case, Wyomissing police charged him with escape, exacerbation of vehicle assault, reckless danger of others, possession of controlled drugs, and several car crimes. Goldsborough is waiting for further proceedings against these accusations.

A Berks County jury finds a man guilty of robbery while reading

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