A bear captured after wandering around Delaware County. Women are moving in a possible abortion ruling.Flyers face a long off-season

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“Delco Bear” captured after sitting in the woods all day at Drexel Hill

On Tuesday, black bears roaming the woods near Kent Park caused a lot of excitement in the Clifton Heights-Drexel Hill area. Firefighters finally caught a black bear wandering in Delaware County. A video from the Clifton Heights Fire Department in Delaware County shows a crew member taking calm animals from a tree in a house at 200 blocks of West Baltimore Pike all night.

Chester County woman heads to DC to protest prior to the High Court’s abortion ruling

Just hours after hearing the news, four Chester County women jumped into the country’s capital on Tuesday. They traveled in response to a leaked Supreme Court opinion draft on Monday night that would overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide. Daniel Friel Otten, MP at D-155, Uchiran, Lani Frank, a candidate for the Democratic State Commission, and environmentalist Ginny Carslake, called from I-95 near Hubbardgrass, Maryland. I talked to a reporter. Former Phoenix Building Area School District Mayor Lisalongo drove solo.

The jury heard a 911 call from a man in East Pikeland who allegedly killed his girlfriend.

Six male and six female juries in the case of a man in East Pikeland who faced murder charges at the Commonpreah Court in Chester County on Tuesday recorded a 911 phone call made by a man regarding the welfare of his girlfriend. I heard. “Did someone hit someone?” Mark Turner asked a police officer to escort his girlfriend from her house because she was drinking, so the 911 operator asked, he asked. Told. “Yes, I hit her. She fainted on the couch,” Turner replied. “She is drunk. I was hitting her face.” When asked if the woman was breathing, Turner assured the operator that she was breathing.

North Pen School Board leans towards a 3.4% tax increase

The North Pen Board of Education’s Finance Committee has resolved to raise taxes by 3.4% from 2022 to 2011, saying it needs to respond to rising costs, and state legislators address key cost factors. He said he could do more to do. “To many in our community, it sounds like a broken record. Looking back a year ago, it’s the same story. Before changing the way we do it here, a lot of unfunded missions, Harrisburg. There are many things that need to be changed in, “says board member Tim McBain.

Two men were sent to jail after acknowledging their role in Norristown’s deadly shooting

Two Norristown men confirmed their role by shooting another man in the autonomous region in April 2021 and headed to state prison. Hilton Freeman Jr., 22, 200 blocks on Minor Street, was sentenced to 15 to 30 years in a state correctional facility after being convicted of a third-class murder, a maliciously committed murder. Sentenced in Montgomery County Court. , April 25, 2021, in connection with the deadly shooting of Junior Pinnock during a quarrel on Barbades and Anne Streets in Norristown.


Roman Quinn of Philadelphia Phillies will play during a baseball game in Philadelphia on Tuesday, May 3, 2022. (AP Photo / Matt Rourke)

Lead Gerber, Heimhomer and Rangers with Phillies 6-4

Mitch Garver and Jonah Heim return home, Zack Lex plays a two-run tie game, King wins two big strikeouts and beats Rangers 6-4 on Tuesday night. bottom. Gerber and Heim went deep into Phillies starter Ranger Suarez (2-1), and the match was drawn three to six. Heim became a single and Nathaniel reached the mistake of third baseman Alec Bohm. Lex broke the tie with Seranthony Domínguez, a double-off relief pitcher with two RBIs, and Marcus Semien’s RBI single was 6-3.

Flyers GM Chuck Fletcher facing another long and important off-season

He confirms that a new head coach will be deployed during the off-season and decides whether to spend another long off-season to trade, rather than attracting and / or working with free agents. When asked, he jokingly added “both little” outlooks and assets for the future that never seem to come. Flyers general manager Chuck Fletcher said a lot on Tuesday, many of which were more descriptive than defensive. Still, he and his hockey organization certainly have a lot to defend.


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A bear captured after wandering around Delaware County. Women are moving in a possible abortion ruling.Flyers face a long off-season

Source link A bear captured after wandering around Delaware County. Women are moving in a possible abortion ruling.Flyers face a long off-season

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