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Philadelphia, February 18, 2021 / PRNewswire /-Veteran federal agent shot by his own holstered Sig Sauer P320 semi-automatic pistol, $ 10 million Proceedings in America The district court argues that his injury was the result of a fatal design flaw that could cause the user to fire suddenly without touching it, rather than triggering it.Plaintiff-Agent Keith Slatowski, In the suburbs Philadelphia, The latest victim of sidearms. He is co-represented by Bagnell Law, an LLC lawyer. Westport, Connecticut,and Salz Mongeruzzi & Bendesky PC, Philadelphia..Complaints submitted to America Eastern District Court PennsylvaniaIs considered to be the first such filing in Pennsylvania..

Jeffrey S. BagnellHas represented the large number of victims of the Sig Sauer P320 nationwide, complained (Slatowskiv. SigSauer, Inc. 2: 21-cv-00729, 02/17/2021) “A model and highly trained civil servant, former Marine, husband, father of four, and fortunately alive. He said this latest incident would eventually bring the P320 back to Sig Sauer. I hope this will happen. “” Hundreds of thousands of these guns are currently in circulation in police holsters and civilian homes, and based on the disturbing number of incidents to date, these guns. We believe that poses a serious safety risk to their owners and the people around them. “

Complaints, including flawed design, deceptive marketing practices, and allegations of negligence, detail how 48-year-old immigrant and tariff enforcement agent Slatowski prepares to launch his service weapon. Is September 21, 2020At the government shooting range, I was suddenly shot with a 9mm bullet without touching the trigger. Introduced in 2014 New HampshireThe base maker, the Modular P320, has a striker firing mechanism that replaces the traditional double-action hammer.

“The bullet hit his upper right hip and came out from behind his lower leg, causing considerable injury, tissue maceration, blood loss, and nerve damage,” the complaint said. The manufacturer explicitly guarantees that the gun will never fire, but with or without a holster, “You want it,“The complaint claims to have been discharged” without triggering “. The physical and mental injuries of the agent are detailed in the complaint.

“To date, firearm makers were shocked to design, manufacture, and sell deadly weapons, knowing that the most highly trained soldiers, agents, or civilians could fire without touching the trigger. “, Said Agent Slatowski after filing the complaint. “I also can’t believe that firearm makers repeatedly accused the victims of their own negligence, as if I were a sheriff’s agent. Virginia The special forces whose legs shattered Canada, Over and over again, everything was wrong, as if we were going to shoot ourselves. They do not face the fact that their guns are prone to incomplete firing and someone will be killed unless they are recalled and repaired. “

Robert Zimmerman, SMB https://www.smbb.comAnd Bagnell’s legal counsel, Agent Slatowski, who is unable to work and is receiving further treatment for debilitating injuries, recognizes the importance of a judicial system that holds Sig Sauer responsible for its actions. Said. Unlike other consumer and workplace product manufacturers such as automobiles, industrial equipment and machinery, and home appliances, gun manufacturers are not under the jurisdiction of federal safety agencies such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

“Everyone can agree that you shouldn’t fire a gun unless you intend. Tragically, this product is highly trained and has an incomplete bullet on the leg of a respected law enforcement officer. What happened here when it was launched. As outlined in the complaint, Sig Sauer claims that the P320 meets “federal standards for gun safety.” This is part of a spin campaign to cover the inability to protect customers and the general public from harm. Instead of doing the right thing, recalling the gun, Mr. Bagnell is widely recognized at the forefront of proceedings on behalf of defective P320 victims. In this case, our wealth of experience and experience made it ideal to partner with him. The result is complex regional and national product liability proceedings. As a team, we are working to hold Sig Sauer responsible for our actions in court. ” Small and medium-sized enterprises Larry Bendesky And Scott A. Fermes It is also a record counsel.

Mr. Bagnell Last year, I filed almost the same complaint (Jinn vs. Sig Sauer, Inc. ,1: 2020cv01122) Southern district New York In 2019 on behalf of the Homeland Security Special Agent Bronx The shooting range was injured when his service P320 was incompletely fired. His other P320 victims include former Loudoun County. Virginia Sheriff Deputy Mercy Vadnice (Her career ended in 2018, holster guns fired and smashed her legs without touching the trigger), “The uncommanded release of these P320s occurred nationwide. This proceeding. Just a few blocks from where the proceedings have been filed. SEPTA Transit Police Officer P320 fired while he was working at a suburban station. August 2019.. I was fortunate that neither he nor the bystanders nearby were beaten. It’s not okay for this to continue to happen. ”

The complaint also states that the defendant’s conduct was very terrible, “beyond all possible decency, cruel in the civilized community and considered completely intolerable.” Stated.

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A $ 10 Million Proceedings Against Defective Semi-Automatic Pistol Manufacturers by Federal Investigators Shot Without Touching Triggers | Around the Web-Pennsylvania

Source link A $ 10 Million Proceedings Against Defective Semi-Automatic Pistol Manufacturers by Federal Investigators Shot Without Touching Triggers | Around the Web-Pennsylvania

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