903 cases have been added, but the number of reinfections is unknown

The number of COVID-19 cases in Berks County increased by 903 on Saturday. Pennsylvania Health Department Pandemic Dashboard update.

The state said a total of people suspected of being re-infected with the disease would begin to be added to the dashboard on Monday.

Official spokespersons didn’t answer, but some are likely to have started on Saturday Reading Eagle inquiry.

It is unknown how many of the 903s were first infected and how many were re-infected. That number is about eight times that of a typical daily case load these days.

Previously, the state counted only first-timers in an increasingly complex package of statistics, including groundbreaking cases.

The state-wide number of COVID cases increased by 21,266. There was also no information on the total number of reinfections.

In Burkes, the total number of pandemic cases increased to 61,433, with a total of just over 1.64 million for the state as a whole.

The influx of cases temporarily renders the 7-day and 14-day case averages meaningless.

Dashboard updates are cumulative statistics for the day before this Friday.

Weekly overview

Even before reinfection was added on Saturday, the 18-week cumulative COVID-19 statistics for Delta Variant Serge was a bad time for the 19-month pandemic of Burks and Pennsylvania.

What was a slight dip in the case was sketched out in the case among the leading children, reversing the four-week improvement among children under the age of 18.

In Burks, there was an overall increase of 116 cases in the week leading up to Thursday compared to the week ending November 4th in the State Department of Health. Early Warning Monitoring Dashboard..

Overall, Pennsylvania increased 2,603 ​​cases in the same week.

The dashboard also shows positive rates of 12.0% and 10.3%, respectively.

Last week, Burkes’ seven-day average number of cases increased, reaching Delta’s highest level of 147 on Thursday.

The Early Warning Dashboard only uses data related to the PCR, which is a nasal swab test. Medical professionals are questioning the reliability of other tests. However, nearly a quarter of the tests ordered at Burkes are non-PCR.

Incident between children

In Burks and Pennsylvania, most of last week’s resurrection can be explained by COVID cases between children and adolescents.

NS State record keeping in such cases Shows a total of 306 Burks, 37 in children under 5 years and 269 in groups aged 5-18.

This is an increase of 81 from the previous week.

Throughout the state, there were 1,045 new cases for infants and 6,340 for the elderly, for a total of 7,385 new cases.

This is an increase of 1,475 from the previous week, the highest in 5 weeks.

The state began publishing data on juvenile COVID cases on August 16.

After 11 weeks, the cumulative total of Burks was 399 for preschoolers and 2,320 for the elderly, for a total of 2,719.

Throughout the state, the cumulative total of the state’s age groups is 12,076 and 71,065, respectively, for a total of 83,141.

Burkes accounted for 4.1% of all state-wide cases of juveniles in the last week. Cumulative 11 weeks, 3.3%.


Saturday’s State Health dashboard reflects a total of 69 COVID admissions at Reading Hospital and Penn State Health St. Joseph Hospital, an increase of one from Friday.

And it was 9 o’clock more than a week ago.

Of the total of 69, 16 are in the intensive care unit, an increase of 4 from Friday and 3 from a week ago.

Neither hospital updates its own dashboard on weekends.

Throughout the state, the number of COVID patients is beginning to revive. Saturday’s dashboard had 2,649 patients, 40 more than Friday and 126 more in a week.

Of the 2,649 people, 609 were in the intensive care unit. From Friday, 12 people increased by 39 people in a week.

Dead (number)

In the COVID deaths, two Burks residents were among the 80 people who died in Pennsylvania on Saturday’s dashboard update.

The total Burks pandemic increased to 1,179,15 in a week.

The total number of states is 32,359, 461 in a week, 24 less than in the previous week.

After the Friday update, the death toll of Berks County coroners in Berks was 1,117.

Coroners report deaths within Burkes, and the state reports deaths of Burks residents when paperwork arrives at the recording office.


The state dashboard showed that the third shot / booster level of COVID was well above the first and second doses of the COVID vaccine.

At Burkes, third shots / boosters increased by 1,051 to a total of 2,898, or nearly 6,000 in a week.

The number of completed vaccinations increased from 401 to 216,058 and the partial columns increased from 213 to 23,049.

Throughout the state, total third shots / boosters increased by about 38,000 to about 1.11 million.

The number of completed vaccinations increased by approximately 13,000 to over 653 million, and the partial vaccination line increased from over 11,000 to nearly 900,000.

After a second injection of Pfizer or Moderna products, or a single dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the partials are completely transferred.

The total number of fully vaccinated CDC Burks residents was up to 238,473, about 1,500 per week. The CDC captures federal supervised vaccinations that were not part of the state number and presents a more complete look at vaccination statistics.

The demographic portion of the state vaccination statistics shows that 4% of eligible 5-9 years old are vaccinated and 23.4% of 10-14 years old are fully vaccinated. ..

At Burkes, these same categories are 2.3% and 21.3%, respectively.

903 cases have been added, but the number of reinfections is unknown

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