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captain America (Chris Evans) Once, before the big battle, he told his Avengers teammate, “You are killed and you leave it.” That’s definitely true for one Marvel character. Loki (Tom Hiddleston) Is estimated to have died more than three times (or actually died), and he just keeps walking on it … greatly delighting fans around the world.

Disney + Before the show LokiThe June 9th premiere of will look back at some of the weirdest, most tragic and most meaningful moments of the mischievous god on the MCU so far.

“I have a brilliant purpose.” (2012s the Avengers).

This is the phrase that released 1000 Loki T-shirts (according to the trailer, it will reappear at the Disney + show). Indeed, it was a burden when we finally learned that Loki was mind-controlled by Thanos (Josh Brolin) During the event the Avengers..

Loki vs. Hulk (2012s the Avengers).

It wasn’t a big fight. Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) Cut Loki’s speech about how all the Avengers, and in fact all humanity, were short “under him.” He threw him around like a stuffed animal, Loki fell to the ground on the stone floor of Stark Tower, and the green-skinned beast regarded him as a “little god.”

Meet the new Captain America (2013) Thor: The Dark World).

Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) I picked up the cloak, but another character is technically wearing a cap suit … Loki.In a hilarious scene Thor: The Dark World, He makes fun of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) About his new friend, he uses some illusionary magic to try out its iconic spangle outfit. “You can feel the surge in righteousness!” He still screams ironically.

A tragic conflict (2011s) Thor).

“Tell me!” One of Loki’s main turning points in the MCU arrives first Thor When he realized he might not just be an Asgardian after a trip to the movie Jötunheimr. His ancestors and Odin (Anthony Hopkins) I lied to him for centuries — he asked his father to tell the truth about who he really was and why he took him to Asgard. (Also, Odin can get out of this conversation by falling into the world’s most convenient extended nap. That’s nice.)

Odinson (2018s Avengers: Infinity War).

He is a mischievous god, but he is also a character development god.At his last moment Avengers: Infinity War, Loki declares himself “Odinson” instead of “Rophison”. This means that he has reconciled with his parents and considers Odin as his father and Thor as his brother.

Big fan of sports (2017s Thor: Ragnarok).

Loki brought some joy when he saw Thor beaten by Hulk in Sakar’s fighting pit (his first reaction when he saw the green man was “I have to get off this planet.” I had to. “).When the Hulk threw Thor just like Loki the Avengers, Loki gets up and screams. It’s like that! “

Unexpected, unwelcome reunion (2017s Thor: Ragnarok).

Loki seemed to have a great time dominating Asgard in the guise of Odin, from the way he staged a play about his “heroic sacrifice” (starring). Matt Damon, Not less) To the giant statue he made himself. Only Thor’s arrival was able to defeat everything. So, of course, Loki as Odin wasn’t very happy to see his brother. “Oh,” he murmured when the god of thunder appeared.

Full of regrets (2013s Thor: The Dark World).

There is only one member that Loki of his Asgard family has never actively disliked: his adoptive mother, Frigga (Rene Russo). She taught him magic and took care of him, and she comes to see him even when he was detained in Asgard prison for a crime he committed in New York. Unfortunately, Loki’s plot method indirectly leads to her death, and when Thor came to see him after her death, he took it quite hard. They team up to stop the Dark Elves and take revenge on their mother, but Thor knows he can’t trust his brother. What is Loki’s reaction? “Believe in my anger.”

Fall for 30 minutes (2017s Thor: Ragnarok).

Perhaps, of course, Loki isn’t welcomed on earth after doing it in New York. But he was surprised when, by the courtesy of Doctor Strange, he was swallowed by a magical form that left him trapped in another dimension that did nothing but free fall (Benedict Cumberbatch). Eventually he leaves, rushes to land, and yells. “I’m lying for 30 minutes!”

Loki, Series Premier, Wednesday, June 9th, Disney +

9 of Loki’s Best Moments on the MCU (Video) | Entertainment News

Source link 9 of Loki’s Best Moments on the MCU (Video) | Entertainment News

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