9/11 National Memorial Trail Stretch Passes Montgomery County

NORRISTOWN — Remember, Discover, Connect: It’s a Mantra September 11th National Memorial Trail Alliance Used to explain the way to pay homage to the victims of the 2001 terrorist attacks.

According to Bill Hartman, Open Space Planning Manager for the Montgomery County Planning Commission, a 30-mile range of the National Memorial Trail on September 11 passes through Montgomery County.

“Clearly and symbolically, this path connects the county to this broader perception of those lost in 9/11 and the resilience and patience of our country,” Hartman said.

Hartman said the 1,300-mile trail covers six states to take part in the plane crash site of Flight 93 at the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. ..

“The trail’s first vision was to create a lively monument to honor those who gave their lives in support of the values ​​of American freedom and democracy during and after the 9/11 attack,” Hartman said. Said at a county commission meeting.

The map of the National Memorial Trail on September 11th has three monuments: New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.Courtesy Kellyco Francisco / Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Hartman told the county’s highest-elected officials that the 20-year journey was long, as the National Memorial Trail Alliance on September 11 worked with many trails, governments, and nonprofits.

“Various groups have participated in this process in this effort,” says Hartmann.

Over the years, Hartmann said: [was] We acquired it in various areas as needed to make the trail work, “and” we aimed to raise money and make it happen. “

Recently, federal law was passed in relation to sidewalks. Specifically, Hartman said he identified the trail route and appointed the National Park Service as administrator.

According to Hartman, it consists of a “local trail” and a “major trail corridor,” with 55% off-road and 45% on-road. He added that it “crosses” New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.

“In the north range from Bucks [County], The trail will take advantage of the existing 202 trails, from which we will arrive south on Welsh Road, “Hartman said. “And from there, travel the road primarily using Decalve Pike, Skippack Pike, North Trooper Road, Egypt Road, connect to the Audubon Loop Trail and jump off the road again, and finally the Schuylkill River Trail near Oaks. Go to. “

According to Hartman, the trail follows Philadelphia, then Baltimore via the East Coast Greenway, and ends in Arlington, Virginia.

“More practically, this trail will bring new visitors to the county to touch and interact with the great people and assets that exist in the county, and will continue to strengthen long-term partnerships with the county. “Development of the trail,” Hartman said.

He emphasized the importance of including cross county and power line trails in “offroad county trails” throughout the system.

“As we develop further trails in these counties, we will work with the Alliance to bring the 9.11 trails to as many off-road locations as possible,” he said.

Following Hartman’s presentation, the trio of county commissioners thanked the status report and the ongoing efforts made to include Montgomery County.

“Thanks to Mr. Hartmann,” said Val Arkuche, chairman of the Montgomery County Commission. “It was really a great summary of this great trail, and we are very proud to have a significant portion of it here in Montgomery County, and we continue to prioritize work on it. I’m looking forward to it. “

9/11 National Memorial Trail Stretch Passes Montgomery County

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