75 Years Ago Railroads Can’t Reveal Time of Arrival of War Dead | State

Lackawanna Railroad superintendent Fred Deegtel reveals to Scranton Mayor James Hanlon the arrival time of the train carrying the bodies of soldiers returning home for recontainment. I was told that it was forbidden by the Ministry of War to do so.

Diegtel’s reply came after Scranton Captain Richard Beynon requested a time of arrival to provide a police escort for each body removed from the railway station.

“People in the community were all too eager to honor these boys when they left,” Hanlon said.

Ultimately, information was released as to when the bodies of the seven soldiers would be returned home. On December 8th, the bodies of three soldiers were found. A few days later he arrived home on 17 December with the bodies of his three men of Dunmore and his one of Old Forge.

Each received escorts from members of various veterans’ organizations and/or members of the 109th Infantry.


At the Scranton School Board reorganization meeting on December 1, West Scranton businessman William Evans was elected chairman.

Republican board member Evans was endorsed by three new Democrats, along with fellow Republican Bertha Batley. Batley was elected Vice President.

Three new Democratic board members, Norman Halprin, Emmett Hart and Edward Popill, issued statements after the meeting regarding their support for Evans. The trio wrote: We do not align with any group or individual in the Republican Party on the ballot for the organization of the Board. Our goal is to serve the best interests of the Scranton public school system, its children, and its teachers. “

in the movies

‘Where There’s Life’ on the Strand, ‘Gunfighters’ on Commerford, ‘The Best Years of Our Lives’ on the Riviera, ‘Bowery Buckaroos’ on the Capitol, ‘Land of the Lawless’ on the State, ‘Song of Love” is on the West Side and the “State Fair” is in Rialto.

Brian FultonLibrary Manager, oversees The Times Tribune’s extensive digital and paper archives, and is an authority on local history. Contact Brian bfulton@timeshamrock.com or 570-348-9140.

Library Manager Brian Fulton oversees The Times-Tribune’s vast digital and paper archives and is an authority on local history.contact Brian bfulton@timeshamrock.com or 570-348-9140.

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