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70% of voters vote early or by mail – NBC10 Philadelphia

More than two-thirds of all U.S. citizens of the voting age participated in the 2020 presidential election, and 69% of them voted by mail or early face-to-face voting, according to a new report from the US Census Agency. Some states are shrinking.

This is a surge in the use of email and early voting compared to four years ago when only 40% of voters voted that way. Part of this change was the result of a pandemic, and health officials urged voters to stay away from crowded, direct polling stations.

These figures are part of the Census Bureau’s voter survey released Thursday, providing new details on the unusual turnout in the 2020 presidential election between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden. To do. Elections have recorded the highest turnout since 1900, before women got the right to vote, according to some experts’ estimates.

If you haven’t voted by mail before, it may seem new and even a little dangerous. However, mail voting actually dates back to the Civil War. Chase Cain describes the long and indisputable history of voting by mail.

Mr. Trump pointed out that the number of postal votes and early votes was high to suggest that the elections were full of fraud and fraud. These false allegations are currently driving Republican efforts in some states, making postal voting difficult and reducing early voting days.

Voter turnout was the highest among Latin Americans, up 6.1 percentage points, and white voters increased by 5.6 percentage points from 2016, according to a Census Bureau survey. Black voters were the smallest increase, with turnout rising 3.2 percentage points four years ago.

63% of African Americans voted, but that percentage did not match the record high of 65% voted in 2008, when Barack Obama, the first black president of the United States, was first elected. In 2020, 71% of white citizens and 59% of Latino citizens voted, according to the Census Bureau.

President Trump has accused fraudulent postal voting, telling supporters that submitting absentee ballots in some major swing states is perfectly fine. But is there a difference between absentee ballot and mail ballot? In the latest episode of our series “Myths,” Chase Cain uncovers this claim.

71% of the voters are white, down 2% from four years ago. Still, white voters had disproportionate power in elections because of the highest turnout demographics. According to the census, only 67% of US citizens over the age of 18.

Census Bureau estimates confirm that many election analysts have long known about the 2020 turnout surge.

Michael McDonald, a professor of political science at the University of Florida, who runs, which tracks turnout in the 18th century, said:

Chase Cain suggests that the president may want to ask if he agrees with all Republicans who have won all postal elections. And you may be surprised at which party actually makes up the majority of voting emails in the major swing states.

McDonald’s found that the 2020 elections featured the highest turnout since 1900, but the Census Bureau reports that the turnout is as recent as the 1992 presidential election. Census turnout estimates are based on tolerant surveys, but McDonald’s uses votes, which explains some of the discrepancies.

According to the census, in the 2020 election, the number of votes increased the most between the two presidential elections, and 17 million more people re-elected Trump than those who voted for president in 2016 I voted if I would.

70% of voters vote early or by mail – NBC10 Philadelphia

Source link 70% of voters vote early or by mail – NBC10 Philadelphia

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