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Erie, PA-Halloween is just around the corner, and a trick or treater is just around the corner. If you plan to give out candy this year, consider a quick safety check before putting it in the candy bowl.

Ellie insurance Here are seven ways to prepare and secure your home for dressed visitors.

1. Clear the passage. Clean up toys, rakes, stones, wet leaves and more before you start trick or treat. Think of kids with masks that don’t fit well, bulky box outfits, oversized clown feet, or excessive props. (These things aren’t recommended for kids roaming the neighborhood with bags full of candy, but it happens.) Quick cleanup is one of them. The easiest way to keep your home safeNS.

2. Turn it on. Turn on external lights, including flood lights, to create a safe route for trick or treaters and night visitors. Check these early so you have time to replace the burned bulbs.

Is it adorable or visible? It depends on how many times the doorbell rings.

3. Enclose your pet. Halloween with all the doorbells and visitors can be stressful for animals. Also, even well-behaved pets can bite or scratch when they feel anxious. The doors are always open, so even furry friends can easily escape. Plan to keep your pet in a safe room or on the wings of your house.

4. Lock all other doors.. Pranks can occur when handing out candies, so lock all other doors, including the garage and cars, to play safely.

The FBI reports that about 30% of all robbers are forced to commit because of unlocked doors and windows.

5. Skip the candle. Yes, they give your pumpkin its eerie glow. However, living flames are not worth the risk of fire, given all the drape costumes and accessories swayed by the flames. Professional Tip: Choose a flameless variety instead.


“I’m allergic!”

6. Consider choosing a candy. Many children are allergic to the ingredients of candy like nuts. To help them enjoy the holidays Teal Pumpkin Project It’s a good idea to leave the teal pumpkin leaning forward and let the trick or treater know that you have non-food treats such as stickers and toys.

7. Choose a good place. If you have a lot of stairs or a long winding road, consider giving out candies at the end of the driveway. Easier tricks or treaters can reach you better!

Halloween must be creepy, fun and safe!

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7 Ways to Prepare Your Home For Trick or Treaters | Community

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