6 tips on how to write a college essay

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What is a college essay?

Let us proceed with clarifying what a college essay is. Students are being assigned to write essays in college very often. College essays are a vital part of the learning process as they help students in obtaining various disciplines. An essay is an article that has several obligated elements such as an introduction, the body, and a conclusion. Essays usually expose thoughts, statements, ideas, and opinions related to a concrete topic of an author. Therefore, college essays appear a perfect instrument for professors that helps them to understand the level of students’ knowledge.

The types of college essays are the following:

  • Expository

Such essays represent the topic or a procedure and explain them precisely. After reading, the readers must clearly understand the author’s points and understand the presented topic.

  • Argumentative

Such essays represent the opinion and ideas of an author, adding them with solid facts and supportive arguments. The goal of an author is to convince the readers to agree with his or her statements.

  • Narrative

Such essays tell a story from an author’s point of view. There must be facts related to the story plot without their evaluation. Narrative essays often tell stories from the author’s personal experience.

  • Descriptive

Such essays expose the topic and explain the subject in terms of its particular qualities. An author aims to describe the subject or an event from various angles.

  • Admission

Such essays are essential on the stage of enrolling in college. Students must explain their motivation and talk about themselves. Such essays are also called personal statements.

Read on to find some tips on writing a college essay and applying them to your tasks.

Read the instructions first

Always start by making it clear how your college professor sees the result of your writing. College students often get from teachers vast manuals on writing the essay. These instructions usually contain the details on the prescribed word count, type of formatting, topic suggestions, structuring, style, tone of voice, sources list, and many other essentials. By reading the instructions, you would avoid troubles and the need to rewrite the paper.

Define the topic properly

You need to be aware that the topic is vital for any college essay. When choosing a topic, the first thing to consider is its relevance to the type of essay we previously described. The second vital criterion for a college essay topic is its actuality. It must be attractive to an audience. Note that a topic must be exciting to you as an author. It would help if you were motivated to research a chosen area and write about it.

Investigate many sources

The quality of preliminary research on a chosen topic would define the result of your work. If you are about to write an impressive and meaningful paper, you have to investigate various sources. It is recommended to consider the following sources: books, blogs, podcasts, thesis papers, magazines, databases, etc.

Form the meaningful thesis statement

When students write college essays, they learn how to evaluate sources and define the main ideas. Therefore, after providing the research on a chosen topic, you need to formulate the core statement of your paper. It would be the center to build around it the narrative and get back to this statement from time to time in the text. The thesis statement must be laconic and precise.

Structure in details

You would require patience when creating an outline for your college essay—a meaningful paper tightly bound with effective structuring. A standard college essay includes three elements: an introduction, the body, and a conclusion. The introduction briefly explains the topic. It must hook an audience and engage them into reading. An introduction must cohesively transit in the body part. The body of a college essay has to include the core ideas, explain and support the main thesis, contain arguments, facts, and other essential data. A conclusion has to underline the statements from the body.

Edit patiently

Always plan to have time on quality proofreading. Meaningful texts require an author to re-read them, adding details or taking away unnecessary data. You would need to check grammar and spelling, reduce mistypes, and polish the style. Check the accordance of an essay to initial instructions from your college professor.

We hope these hacks were valuable and enjoyable to read. We wish you luck in your studying efforts!


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