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The 570 Food Lovers Group continues to grow, connecting people to food, communities and local organizations.

The 570 Food Lovers Facebook Group has grown to over 11,000 members since its inception in 2018. This group acts as a community resource in many ways. Inspire people to try new restaurants and new recipes. Keep people up to date with business hours, closures and special offers.

Jessica Barns, the founder and current Facebook administrator of the group, shared the group’s journey and how it moved from her personal interests to community services.

Burns found Pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup, at a store in Williamsport. “I needed to tell other people how cool it was and how they could get some,” Burns said.

An example of Burns is exactly what 570 Food Lovers achieve every day. It exposes people to local food options — those with much less advertising reach than mainstream chains.

Local business perceptions may also include perceptions of cultural traditions that are shown through food, such as Burns’ exposure to real pho. This may indicate the presence of Asian Americans in Williamsport. Thus, the diversity of food choices can remind people of the diversity of our community.

Vietnamese pho contains lime, dried herbs and spices, rice noodles, fresh herbs, and a slowly cooked soup seasoned with your favorite meat.

Burns had to make adjustments once the page began to follow. “Initially, we had only a few more supportive friends, but when we felt that too many people could handle it alone, we eventually took over the other administrator, Lucas Dalessandro,” Barnes said. Says.

Despite his commitment to acting as an administrator, Burns appreciates her role in the group and sees all new developments as a “moment of pride.”

This group does more than just eat food. That is to return the food. “People always say it’s a way to choose a place for dinner. Not only that, but we also raised money at the central Pa food bank. This was a really proud moment for all of us,” he explained. Did. Burns.

“I think this group is incredibly valuable to the community. People say they helped them stay open during the COVID period. It’s something we’re very proud of. Another thing I encourage all communities to do the same. “

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570 Food Lovers: Communities inside and outside the web | Food

Source link 570 Food Lovers: Communities inside and outside the web | Food

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