5 common causes of electric fire in your home

Do you know how to deal with an electric fire? Most homes are not equipped with the right fire extinguisher for this type of fire. A well-protected home might feature fire extinguishers suited for oil and regular fires. However, electric fires are not as uncommon as they may seem.

There are many potential sources around your home that could ignite this type of fire. A number of the problems may be too complex to address without proper training and experience, which makes them ideally suited for electricians. You will lower the risk of potential damage to electrical parts and connections around your house by leaving it to the professionals instead of doing it yourself.

Consider hiring the right match for the job, such as Minneapolis Electrician service providers who offer diverse services that include thorough investigations to address potential issues comprehensively.  Keeping that in mind, here are a few potential causes of electric fires that you should watch out for.

Faulty sockets

5 common causes of electric fire in your home

Faulty sockets can often cause sparks that may start electric fires around the house. You need to replace any faulty connection points that spark even a little when items are plugged in. Even though it may seem a small problem at first, the faulty sockets could deteriorate quickly and increase the risk of starting electric fires significantly. If you are experiencing multiple faulty sockets around your home, you should consider hiring an electrician quickly to address comprehensive current stability issues.

Outdated wiring5 common causes of electric fire in your home

Wiring will experience wear and tear over time. This is especially true for older connections, which have experienced a large electric load over time. These connections may be severely worn out, which may cause current leakages across various points. Leakage will increase the risk of fire, especially for prefab and wooden interfaces near your wiring system. Consider hiring an electrician to replace your entire wiring connection every period of time to completely minimize the risk of leakage and potential fires.

Light fixtures and fittings5 common causes of electric fire in your home

Light fixtures and fittings are major starting points for electrical fires. These ends will regularly overheat and could easily catch fire at some point. Light fixtures with high wattage will face a high risk of causing electrical fires, especially when turned on for a long period of time. Consider replacing your lighting fixtures with low wattage options to minimize the risk of your home catching an electrical fire. Your fittings can also cause sparks when installed incorrectly. You should consider hiring an electrician to investigate your lighting, as well as other electrical features to ensure a low risk of fire.

Portable heaters

5 common causes of electric fire in your home

Portable heaters will offer great comfort for cold nights, but they will increase the risk of an electric fire significantly. They are surrounded by heavily flammable material, and will present a great challenge to put out in the event of a fire.  You should consider replacing your portable heater with a chargeable alternative to minimize the risk of fire. You may also opt for an insulated house to lower the risks further. While the radiator also offers the same risk, it can be stored in a controlled location to provide value without raising the risks of fire significantly.

Extension leads

You should never use your extension cords for too long. They are designed to offer temporary value for convenient connections. They require regular replacement to minimize the risk of fire. Worn-out extension leads can spark electric fires more often than other major sources listed above. Replace your extension cords after every six months to keep the risk of an electrical fire really low. If you regularly use several outlets at the same time, you should replace your extension even quicker.

Electric fires can be tougher than most to combat. Many people may not even be adequately prepared to handle an electric fire. These tips will help you lower your risk of fire. While we cover a large range of options, there are many other potential sources of electric fires that may remain unaddressed in your home.  You should consider hiring a top-quality electrician for a thorough assessment of your home to avoid any potential surprises in future. Remember to regularly inspect and refresh your electrical system to lower the risks comprehensively.

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