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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the 4400 series premiere “Past Is Prologue.”]

Jarrell (Joseph David Jones) Is not just a social worker trying to help 4,400 people who disappeared in the last century and reappeared in 2021. He probably has a personal connection with one of them.

As 4400 The series premiere reveals that his brother, Manny, is missing and wants him to be one of the refugees. But he hasn’t received any words about him by the end of the premiere. But his partner, Prison Officer Ireon Roach, has from one of the 4400s.

David Jones tells TV Insider about the message, brotherhood, and more.

Does Keisha convey that message?

Joseph David Jones: No, she doesn’t. She is the worst person in history. That’s funny. I was joking because there are many scenes where I have to do it. And in the next episode, she isn’t doing it aggressively. But no, I don’t know anything about what’s happening with Manny or anything in the first bulk of the episode. It’s a mystery that they’re crumpling bread throughout the season, but it will play a big factor in what happens at the show.

He doesn’t know yet, but what does it mean for Jarrell to hear that message?

That would mean hope. Because he’s been in the dark for almost a year trying to find his brother, doing nothing, and having no breadcrumbs. No one cares about his missing brother. As such, it shows how people view marginalized individuals. Missing someone in our community doesn’t make as much sense as, for example, another community. So he lived with all of it and was alone. So, as we saw when the 4400 missing people returned, as long as he had a piece of hope that he could have a brother in it, everything he saw in that episode and his character. It was enough to stimulate things.

Lori Allen / The CW

Should this be interpreted as meaning that Manny is one of the 4400s? Or is this just Hayden’s ability?

do not understand. They are slowly developing their abilities. And many of them don’t even know the full range of what their abilities can do. I don’t know if Manny is actually part of the 4400.

How would you describe your sibling relationship?

It’s intimate because they are, in a sense, the only family. So not only did Jarrell think of himself as Manny’s guardian and always looking for his younger brother, but he also lost the only family he really had. Not to keep him safe, he couldn’t keep the person he was supposed to.

Joseph David Jones

Kirsten Miccoli

Premieres have begun to show the capabilities of the 4400, and they are already protecting themselves from government officials. But it seems that Jarrell might be the one to help with that, right? Because you can see how much he cares about people.

Yes. That’s exactly who Jarrell is and what his role is in this show. He is working very hard to navigate this system, which is trying to detain these people, until they can understand if they are a threat or what happened to them. But they don’t see them as people. They see them as problems to solve. The biggest thing about Jarrell is to come there and try to incorporate people’s elements into it.

However, he has some problems because he no longer followed the rules.

[Laughs] That won’t change.

How bad will it be?

His position and work in government will be put on the line many times throughout the season. It’s hard for you to do the right thing with a system that isn’t really encouraged.

Joseph David Jones as Jarrell in 4400

James Washington / CW

And he works with Keisha, the exact opposite of him. What can we see from these two in the future?

Both have passed the season and you can see a little on the other side. They both have a really good arc that is affiliated with each other.

So far, I’ve seen Jarrell helping Shanice. Is she one of the 4400s he interacts with most?Will you be Hayden When did he finally hear about this message?

He is actively trying to help them all. You see him interact differently with each of the 4400 members throughout the series. The pilot happened to be talking about Shanice. But when you talk about her, you see who Jarrell is, who Keisha is, you see all of this.

Talk about other people in Jarrell’s life. When he was looking for Manny, he called his friends and colleagues. Who else are you going to meet in his life?

You will meet the people of Jarrell’s past. Through each of them, a little bit of what he lost when he lost his brother and was absorbed in trying to understand what happened to him before he lost Manny. You can see.

Joseph David Jones as Jarrell in 4400

Lori Allen / The CW

How would finding Manny at this point change him?

At some point you are the only one looking for or believing in something, you start to get hooked, so you just re-infiltrate all the faith he has about the time he spent looking for him. I think. For a long time no one who cared for or believed in him made him feel that way. Finding Manny again will probably help justify or rationalize the years of life he spent and what he lost because he never gave up trying to find him.

What is Jarrell’s theory of what is happening?

I feel like I was kidnapped because my brother went missing a year ago. There’s nothing supernatural about the disappeared person coming back for a year and seeing the same thing. He doesn’t think supernatural things are happening in the first few episodes, but believe these people are like his brothers and they’re all involved in some crazy situation There is. And now they are trying to find their family here and trying to splice what they have lost.

What else can I preview about my upcoming appointments?

Robbery will occur. There is a love triangle.There are many actions [and] Conflict. You will see people use their power in a crazy way.

So is Jarrell in the middle of a love triangle?

He’s making one, I’ll say that. I’m still shooting. And the creation of the triangle is formed by several different relationships.

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‘4400’: Joseph David-Jahar Breaking The Rule Jones, His Brothers, etc. | Entertainment News

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